As with advantage for health to use coffee thick

As with advantage for health to use coffee thick

Having drunk coffee, do not throw out thick - it is useful for care for skin of face and body. The coffee thick contains valuable oils and well nourishes and softens skin. Besides, small grains - the fine exfoliant which is softly removing the died-off cages. The thick can be used for preparation of soap, house srubs and masks.

Coffee thick: application in cosmetology

The thick which has remained after cooking of coffee contains many useful elements. Among them the valuable oils nourishing skin, the caffeine promoting weight loss and increase in elasticity. Besides thick grains without sharp sides well peel dead cages, doing skin faultlessly smooth. Means with addition of weak coffee can be used for prevention of cellulitis, maintenance of elasticity of body when dropping weight and also for fast smoothing and softening of the shelled skin.

Additional plus of natural coffee - lack of chemical additives. The product suits all - the individual intolerance of drink can be the only contraindication. Adding various ingredients to coffee, you will be able to create means for oily, dry or sensitive skin.

House face scrub and bodies

Most often do house body scrub of coffee thick. Pick up soft gel or cream for shower, squeeze out small amount in bank with cover. For coffee srub choose means with suitable aroma. Gels with smell of coffee, biscuit, caramel and other edible aromas are very good. Wring out coffee thick and lay out it to gel. Carefully mix mix.

Do not prepare a lot of srub - the freshly brewed thick is stored not for long.

Apply gel srub to moist skin of body and carefully pound it hands. Pay special attention to problem areas - hips, hands, zone of stomach and waist. Carefully wash away srub warm water. After such procedure you do not need cream or body lotion - the oils which are contained in coffee thick will make skin smooth and gentle.

The coffee srub can be used not only for body, but also for the person. It is especially good for oily and normal skin.

Other option of srub will be suitable for dry skin more. Add teaspoon of almond oil or fresh sour cream to the wrung-out thick. You put srub in the above way, and then carefully wash away warm water.

Soft coffee soap

Coffee soap combines in itself properties of srub and usual means for washing. It is very convenient to them to use, besides the bar lying in the bathroom will serve as natural fragrance, extending delicate perfume of svezhesvarenny coffee. Prepare soap on ready soap base. Cut it pieces and put in bowl. Kindle basis, without bringing it to boiling. Lay out coffee thick in bowl and mix. It is possible to add oil solutions of vitamins A to coffee soap and E - for one portion only several drops are necessary. For aroma it is possible to add essential oils - for example, orange, lemon or mandarine. Instead of oils it is possible to use a little powder of cocoa or ground cinnamon. Pour weight in the forms which are previously sprinkled by alcohol. Level the surface of soap and leave it for hardening. Accurately take ready-made product and you store in the dry place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team