As with advantage to apply essential oils

As with advantage to apply essential oils

use essential oils for maintaining the beauty for a long time. But also, besides cosmetic, they have salutary effect on mood and state of mind, the main thing to learn them correctly to use and choose that which will suit you.

Knowledge of useful properties of essential oils will help you to use them with maximum efficiency. Even in house conditions you can apply them to various cosmetic and Spa procedures. And what woman does not dream to have the small home day spa!

On our planet there are more than 80 thousand different types of the plants containing essential oils, but in the industry only about two hundred types are used. The quality of oils depends on their production and storage.

Council: to choose quality essential oil, pay attention to its appearance (oil has to be transparent, without dregs and foreign impregnations). Also attentively study the label. If labels with inscription – 100% of pure, 100% of artifisches (essentail) oil (100% clean; 100% essential oil) it means that the producer is confident in its quality.

The set of essential oils can be used for creation of masks or just to add to your favourite face cream or shampoo. Let's look, than they can help for maintenance of your beauty:

- Wheat germ oil well nourishes dry skin

- Jojoba oil is suitable for elimination of small wrinkles

- Apricot oil - remarkable means for strengthening of nails

- Orange - for fight against greasy luster

- Oils with the calming action - lavender, ilang-ilang, patchouli, camomile.

- Tonic oils - mint, lemon, melissa, rosemary.

IMPORTANT! Do not apply oil in pure form, and add to cosmetics: on 50 ml of cream no more than 8-10 drops; in shampoo or hair balm 1-2 drops on tablespoon; for massage of 3-6 drops on 15 ml of oil - basis; for bath 2-4 drops of oil on 15 sq.m. And also be convinced that you have no allergy to any given oil. For this purpose apply oil drop to gentle skin of elbow bend and wait 24 hours. If there are no reactions, then this oil suits you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team