As without laser to remove scars

As without laser to remove scars

The repellent scars remaining on skin after eels, burns, operations or cuts add to nobody appeal. Fortunately, the modern cosmetology has the means allowing to get rid of any scars and hems. The most popular method - laser grinding, but also except it is enough options.


1. It is possible to remove scar in the surgical way. For this purpose the surgeon-cosmetologist actually cuts out scar, leaving almost imperceptible intracutaneous cosmetic seam on its place. In the similar way hems move away from inflammations on skin: pimples or eels. The doctor makes hypodermic excision, getting rid of the cicatrized fabrics.

2. Effective method is mechanical grinding of the site of skin containing scar. By the principle of action the process does not differ from laser grinding and represents hem fabric removal on layers. This procedure is quite painful therefore it is held under local anesthesia. After the termination of course of grinding, rehabilitation actions with use of drugs are without fail carried out.

3. The chemical peeling too successfully struggles with scars and hems. On the injured skin the deep influence by means of the fruit acids activating process of regeneration of integument is made. This way well is suitable for rejuvenation, saving from extensions or wrinkles.

4. The procedure under the name mesotherapy during which to the patient the mixes of medicines activating development by collagen organism - connecting fabric are injected is often applied to smoothing of upper layer of epidermis. This option is often applied to recovery of skin after operations.

5. If the scar or hem rather fresh, then can come to the rescue national methods which considerable part is approved and recommended by cosmetologists. To such by method the masks from blue clay which are perfectly saving skin from traces of small cuts, massage with use of the almond oil accelerating regeneration of cells of skin, massage with essential oils belong. Besides, masks from nonsense and mask from nutmeg have the excellent regenerating effect. However treatment duration folk remedies is rather big - on average restoration takes half a year.

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