As without make-up to look charming and harmonious

As without make-up to look charming and harmonious

As if on magic, the woman's face after several waves cosmetic brush turns into the real creation of art. However the abundance of decorative means leads to fast withering of skin. To whatever workshops there was make-up, natural beauty was and remains in fashion. There are several cunnings allowing not only to emphasize it, but also to prolong youth.

We place accents

According to makeup artists, on woman's face there are three main points most of which of all draw attention of people around. These are eyebrows, cheekbones and lips.

Eyebrows. For a start they should give the correct form which, in turn, has to correspond to face contour. In need of eyebrow it is possible to paint with steady paint or henna. That eyebrows were more dense, daily it is possible to apply mix from castor oil on hairs (or vaseline) and vitamin A.

Cheekbones. Natural decoration of cheekbones is the healthy flush. And it can appear only from the healthy nutrition saturated with vitamins and minerals, sufficient stay in the fresh air and qualitative, healthy sleep. As for the last then there are several rules. It is necessary to go for sleeping not later than 23:00. As by midnight in human body melatonin, or beauty hormone begins to be produced. It is the best of all to sleep on spin in order to avoid hypostases and premature wrinkles. For the night it is necessary to open window leaf or window (during warm season) that during sleep the organism was saturated with oxygen.

Lips. Not less important part of the face which demands leaving too. Moistening, food and clarification – three basic rules. For realization it is necessary to use them special balms, hygienic lipsticks. As an alternative it is possible to use olive oil or vaseline. To give to lips natural scarlet color, it is possible to use once a week srub or to mass by means of soft toothbrush. Previously it should be dipped in sugar.

Skin care

This point represents integrated approach.

  • It is necessary to wash no more than two times a day cool water. In the mornings face skin can be wiped instead of washing with ice piece. It can be the frozen water or broth of camomile.
  • You should not pound face skin towel, rather carefully to remove excess moisture.
  • Once a week it is very useful to use nutritious masks with honey, cosmetic clay or in the absence of irritations to do delicate peeling.
  • To save skin from presenilation, it is necessary to use sunblock creams.

Healthy hair

Hair are also component of beautiful shape. Against the background of lifelessly dim and inaccurate hairstyle face can just be lost and become ordinary-looking spot. Therefore it is necessary to shear split ends in time, to pispolzovat nutritious balms, masks and other hair care products. In sunny and frosty weather it is necessary to carry headdresses. Also you should not be zealous with means for laying and painting of hair, chemical waves.

Smile charm

In many respects this quality depends on health and whiteness of teeth. Today there is wide range of dental services in leaving and timely treatment. It is in addition important to use special conditioners, tooth thread. Stomatologists advise toothbrush to change every three months, and to make toothbrushing in the morning and in the evening within 3-5 minutes.

Correct color

And, at last, the complete shape does not do without correctly picked up color palette of clothes. It has to be in harmony with skin color of the person. Too dark tone can make the person ordinary-looking, pale, and too light – to emphasize roughnesses, defects of skin. Optimal color variants are clean turquoise, blue, peach, emerald. And still it is necessary to define individually tsvetotip and according to it to select clothes. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team