As without pain to pull out eyebrows

As without pain to pull out eyebrows

Eyes – window to the soul, and beautiful eyebrows emphasize them, creating mirror graceful frame. The vast majority of women periodically should correct "frame" - to pull out eyebrows, giving them the necessary form. How to make this unpleasant procedure of less painful?

It is required to you

  • - tweezers;
  • - cotton pads or towel;
  • - disinfectant;
  • - ice;
  • - face cream;
  • - local anesthetic.


1. Be not going to adjust eyebrows when you have critical days. The organism of the woman is more susceptible to pain during this period therefore carry out the procedure to or after periods. In addition, if hypostasis and reddening at you do not descend for a long time, plucking out of eyebrows should be carried out in the evening that by the morning the irritation has passed.

2. It is the best of all to pull out eyebrows after hot bathtub. Skin is steamed out, and hairs are removed easily and almost without serious consequences. If you were not going to take bath, make hot lotions – put the cotton pads moistened in hot water, or towel on eyebrow.

3. Starting correction, disinfect skin around eyebrows, the tool and hands. It will help to avoid infection and inflammation. If you never pulled out before eyebrow independently, for holding procedure you should choose simple tweezers with slanted edges. It is most convenient to put with such tweezers to itself(himself) trauma, besides, more difficult.

4. Pull out hairs in the direction of growth, otherwise to you not to avoid microinjuries. They are almost not visible, but can cause you lot of unpleasant feelings. The hair should be taken as it is possible closer to root.

5. After the end of procedure process leather around eyebrows and eyebrows ice cubes. It will be better if you freeze broth of camomile, sage or any other calming grass. Besides analgesic effect, ice will remove hypostasis and reddening.

6. Grease the angry skin with cream. In a couple of hours traces of correction will pass, and you will perfectly look.

7. If you categorically do not endure pain, use anesthetics. Apply to skin lidocaine spray, the solution containing benzocaine (it is usually used for treatment of toothache). Wait several minutes until anesthetic works, and safely start the procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team