Aspirinovy mask from pimples

Aspirinovy mask from pimples

About faultlessly smooth, clean, with opaque shade to skin many dream. But the nature is sometimes ruthless to women. As a result - reddening, peeling, pimples, hems on skin and greasy luster.

In this case the aspirinovy mask will come to the rescue. Its efficiency is extremely high, and cost, in comparison with other cosmetics, very symbolical. Besides, any girl will be able to prepare it.

The aspirin which is mask basis removes inflammation symptoms (reddening, hypostasis, pain, peeling), thereby smoothing and leveling the surface of skin; reduces office of skin fat glands; prevents further progressing of acne rash.

The mask consisting of one aspirin is some kind of srub. By means of the small, but rough parts of the crushed aspirin which are contained in it there is deep cleansing of time, face skin gets rid of black dots, as a result it is ready to active food.

If skin dry, then it is not necessary to use the mask containing one aspirin. For the purpose of the additional feeding component it is possible to add one more available and extremely miracle product – honey. 

But, before putting mask (and furthermore with addition of honey) on face skin, it is necessary to carry out the test on the site of skin of internal surface of forearm for possibility of allergic reaction.

Use aspirinovy mask with honey once a week.

We prepare mask as follows: to crush 4 tablets of aspirin, to add 2 drops of honey and teaspoon of water. To mix and apply to face skin. To avoid drawing on skin around eyes. To sustain Aspirinovy weight 10 minutes, then to wash away. At feeling of burning of skin the mask is washed away immediately.

The universality of mask is that aspirin in itself not only purifies skin, removing inflammation, but also stimulates cellular updating. Honey as powerful power component, nourishes the cleaned face skin, increasing elasticity of fabrics. As a result – pure, equal, elastic leather.

And first of all, you remember that appearance of pimples on the face is result of metabolic disorder and decrease in immunity. Refuse addictions (smoking and alcohol), limit fat, sharp, salty, sweet and flour. Instead of coffee – juice or green tea. Also enter more fresh fruit and vegetables into diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team