Atraumatic face peel: detailed description of the procedure

Atraumatic face peel: detailed description of the procedure

Hygienic face peel is shown to representatives of both sexes, since the puberty moment. From all known types of cleaning of the most popular there will be atraumatic cleaning – method with use of fruit acids, absolutely safe, not injuring skin and not demanding the long recovery period.

Besides the safety the atraumatic cleaning is good the universality – it suits representatives of any age category with any type of skin.

Indications and contraindications

For atraumatic face peel it is possible to carry to indications:

  • fat or dry types of skin;
  • rashes, acne rash, pimples,
  • the closed komendona;
  • the increased skin pigmentation;
  • post-acne;
  • couperosis;
  • fat traffic jams;
  • gray shade of integument;
  • superficial mimic wrinkles.


  • skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema);
  • open wounds, cuts, grazes, burns;
  • allergic reaction to some components.

Positive effect

Atraumatic face peel is included in complexes of various rejuvenating techniques. The procedure can be given both with medical, and with the preventive purpose. It is possible to distinguish from positive results:

  • There is high-quality clarification of time, the quantity of comedones and rashes decreases.
  • Activity of sebaceous glands is normalized that promotes the solution of problems from fat or, on the contrary, dry skin.
  • Regenerative processes amplify, blood circulation improves that leads to delay of process of aging of skin and recovery of healthy complexion.

Sequence of holding procedure

Atraumatic face peel includes several obligatory stages:

  • Before the procedure it is necessary to clean completely face from cosmetics and dirt. Means clarification is selected in strict accordance with skin type.
  • For softening of comedones the upper layer of the skin is peeled by means of peeling gommage.
  • Apply chemical peeling which softly and safely deletes layer of the keratosic cages. The procedure is absolutely safe as as a part of peeling fruit acids of low concentration are used.
  • The steaming-out mask is imposed therefore time as much as possible opens and removed fat traffic jams.
  • Process of cleaning begins. The expert deletes miliuma and comedones in the most suitable way.
  • The antiseptic mask which reduces inflammations and disinfects the surface of skin is imposed.
  • Medical massage after Jacques at which there is stimulation of sweat and sebaceous glands is carried out therefore blood circulation improves, fabrics are tightened.  
  • On completion of the procedure the algal (alginate) mask thanks to which pores are narrowed is imposed, there is food and moistening of skin.

Leaving after the procedure

After atraumatic cleaning, skin becomes the external environment, gentle and susceptible to negative impact, therefore it is recommended to follow simple rules on leaving:

  • within 2-3 days after the procedure it is not recommended to apply cosmetics – time has to remain open;
  • it is necessary to refrain from visit of sunbed, pools and also from stay on strong wind and in the open sun;
  • to purify skin only with special means which will be recommended by the specialist cosmetologist.

The noticeable result can achieve after the first procedure, and for maintenance of the reached effect it is necessary to carry out atraumatic face peel of times in 2 months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team