Autosuntan has laid down unevenly what to do?

Autosuntan has laid down unevenly what to do?

Autosuntan – good alternative to the sun or sunbed which cause skin photoageing. However it is correct to apply this cosmetic rather difficult. And if autosuntan has laid down unevenly, on skin there were spots and stains, it is necessary to correct situation urgently.

How to remove autosuntan from body

If autosuntan has laid down unevenly, it needs to be removed quickly. The earlier you will take measures, the spots, strips and stains will be less noticeable. For a start steam out skin in bathtub and rub it rigid sponge or bast, then – use body scrub. If means for autosuntan was not best quality – these measures it can appear enough.

It is desirable to prepare body scrub in such situation independently. Mix 2 tablespoons of shower gel and 3 tablespoons of ground coffee (for swarty skin) or fine salts (for light skin). It is possible to add hydrogen peroxide teaspoon to mix. Apply means on body and carefully rub with circular motions, and then – wash away.

Good means for skin lightening is lemon juice. To enhance properties of juice, mix it from 99% alcohol in proportion 1:1 and wipe skin. For sensitive and dry skin juice of lemon is mixed with water and add a little vegetable oil. If your skin not too dry, it can be wiped with liquid ammonia or apple cider vinegar. And after the procedure surely grease body with moisturizing milk or nutritious cream. Try to remove autosuntan from sensitive skin make-up remover milk.

How to remove autosuntan from face

Autosuntan needs to be removed from gentle face skin accurately that the appeared irritation has not spoiled situation finally. The softest means – milk or lotion for removal of make-up. If you have oily skin – it is possible to use spirit problem skin lotion. It is possible to clarify face skin by means of masks from clay. Blue clay best of all is suitable for bleaching, but if you have sensitive skin, use red, green or gray. To enhance the clarifying effect, you dissolve clay not with water, and tomato or cucumber juice. Also it is possible to add several drops of juice of lemon to mask.

As it is correct to cause autosuntan

That autosuntan always laid down exactly, it should be put correctly. A day before the procedure, skin should be cleaned and leveled soft peeling. Just before drawing means for autosuntan moisturize the skin milk or cream and wait for full absorption. Autosuntan needs to be caused in the small portions, quickly and evenly, carefully shading. If the means shade too dark – it can be mixed with small amount of low-fat milk for body. Autosuntan about half an hour is absorbed – at this time you should not put on. Then within several hours it is impossible to wash and wash, play sports – if skin sweats, there will be smudges. Next day it is recommended to apply several times to skin the moistening means – so avtogazar will longer keep.

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