Autosuntan or sunbed?

Autosuntan or sunbed?

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After visit of sunbed, skin gets beautiful and equal shade of suntan. Approximately the same effect can achieve also at use of cream autosuntan. It is considered that such cream is much safer than radiation under ultra-violet lamps.

Artificial suntan in sunbed: advantages and shortcomings

Almost in each modern beauty shop there is sunbed. After its visit, skin gets suntan shade. At the same time at each visit the shade of skin will become is more dark. Now there are several types of sunbeds: vertical, horizontal, turbosolyary. All of them have certain advantages and shortcomings.

Modern women and even men prefer the artificial suntan acquired in beauty shop, generally because in this case skin can give equal golden shade in only several minutes. In it there is also the main difference from the suntan received in the sun. On the street it is very difficult to sunbathe evenly from all directions.

In sunbed it is possible to remove some parts of bathing suit, or to lower a little its straps that on body there were as little as possible not suntanned sites. This method of suntan very much suits busy persons who seldom get out to the beach. Besides, it is irreplaceable in cold season. Unfortunately, the sunbed is harmful to skin as well as stay in the sun. Experts advise not to abuse such procedure and always to use the special cream containing ultra-violet filters. To sunbathe with such cream it is considered safer. At visit of sunbed it is necessary to specify at personnel how long ultra-violet lamps changed. This information is displayed also in special magazines. It is not necessary to sunbathe in that sunbed where service life of lamps comes to end or has already ended.

Krem-avtozagar and its properties

Use of cream autosuntan is considered absolutely harmless to skin. This means only paints upper layers of epidermis that allows to give to skin suntan shade. Unfortunately, use of such product has some shortcomings. Krem-avtozagar it is rather difficult to apply to skin even layer. For this purpose certain skill is required. That means has laid down more exactly, it is necessary to process previously body srub, and then to apply on it the moisturizing or nutritious cream. It will help to remove the keratosic parts from the surface of skin and to soften the sites subject to peeling. To give to body absolutely subtle golden shade, it is possible to mix previously it with cream and only after that to apply to skin. Autosuntan needs to be washed away in 5-10 minutes after drawing. If in time not to wash away means, skin will get bright orange shade. Washing away cream, special attention should be paid to palms. Gaining autosuntan in shop, preference should be given to products from the famous producers. Qualitative means are much easier applied to skin, do not leave stains. The most convenient autosuntan in the form of spray is considered. The beautiful shade after use of autosuntan disappears gradually after each acceptance of shower or bathtub. As a rule, the effect of use of cream remains within 1-1.5 weeks.

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