Autosuntan: we use intelligently!

Autosuntan: we use intelligently!

is excellent decision for cold season when in the natural way to receive healthy and beautiful skin color it is impossible. Besides this way is safe as it does not lead to aging and siccation of skin unlike ultraviolet rays. But to achieve excellent result, it is necessary to know several rules of use of autosuntan.


  1. It is ideal if you competently and carefully look after the skin all the time. Take in habit to regularly put the moistening means after acceptance of shower: your skin will become faultlessly smooth and suntan will lay down evenly and naturally.
  2. Peeling is necessary stage of preparation for causing autosuntan. This procedure will help skin to get rid of the died-off cages, to become more exactly and also to prevent peeling at the most inopportune moment – after suntan is shown. You can use both srubs, and special brush or bast for skin exfoliation.
  3. Just before drawing it is worth applying the intensive moistening means to skin even if moisturizing components are present at structure of autosuntan which you use. Especially carefully it is worth processing the driest sites of skin – elbows, knees, heels. It is necessary for uniform shade as drier skin will absorb in itself more means and you risk emergence of dark stains in these sites.
  4. To avoid unnatural orange shade (which, besides, will give your secret) on palms, use for causing autosuntan densely fitting gloves from latex. After you have distributed autosuntan on all body, take off gloves and apply small amount of means on the back of palms by means of cotton pad.
  5. Apply vaseline or fat nutritious cream on eyebrows and through growth of hair – it will prevent emergence of inaccurate orange strips on these sites.
  6. After autosuntan was absorbed, you should not put on the light or fitting clothes, give preference to free styles, dark color and natural materials (which absorb moisture from skin, and help to avoid stains).
  7. That the received shade remained on your skin as long as possible, and descended exclusively evenly, stock up with the moistening means and soft srubs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team