Autumn face packs

Autumn face packs

The autumn time gives us opportunity to indulge skin with natural masks from the last garden vegetables and seasonal fruit berries. In anticipation of windy and frosty winter do not miss opportunity to saturate cages terms with mineral salts, vitamins, biologically active agents and microelements.

Mask from vegetable marrows or bush pumpkins — effective remedy of moistening and degreasing of face skin. Peel vegetable, rinse and chop thin circles. Rub the second fruit and wring out juice, wipe with it face or wash, and then on the leather purified thus attach vegetable marrow circles. Have a rest on sofa of 20 minutes. You will be pleased at once by reflection in mirror!

The carrot mask is suitable for skin tired, pale, with the increased release of skin fat and enlarged pores. Crush one juicy carrot grater, add crude yolk, spoon of olive or almond oil. Thicken such carrot "salad" with 1-2 teaspoons of oatmeal and put on face. In 15 minutes remove mix with cool water, usual or mineral.

Perfectly the mask from spinach calms the inflamed and angry skin. Take handful of leaves of this vitamin vegetable culture, pripustita in small amount of water, milk or green tea. Throw on gauze — apply such compress to the person for 10 minutes. Wipe skin with tonic lotion, for example, on the basis of cucumber or camomile.

Berries of sea-buckthorn will present to cells of epidermis many vitamins, will have the rejuvenating and bactericidal effect. Throw handful of useful berries into drinking bowl and pour glass of boiled water. In 5-7 minutes cast away sea-buckthorn on sieve, wipe or knead spoon. Prepare uniform structure, having added low-fat cottage cheese or sour cream to sea-buckthorn puree. Make mask on all person and neck, without affecting eyelids. Wash after the procedure warm water. The beet mask will make beautiful complexion, will give to skin healthy shade, will feed with antioxidants. Make structure according to the recipe of mask of carrots. It is possible to act and that simpler — to wipe with slice of fresh beet area of decollete and the person, to be rinsed and apply to skin of a little grass cream. Guelder-rose — berry of health and beauty. Masks from it will enrich to term with powerful antioxidant: vitamin C. Scald the fresh or frozen berries boiled water and, having dried, knead fork. Mix to gruel oat or cornmeal and spoon of olive oil. You put mask from guelder-rose on purely washed face, and wash away warm infusion of herbs or mineral water. And finally — one of favourite masks of the Italian actress Sophia Loren. This mask which recipe the unfading icon of style and beauty has borrowed from ancient Romans will help to keep long elasticity, freshness and appeal of the person. Dried fruits of siliculose peas (green) should be transformed to powder by means of the coffee grinder, and then to dilute with whey (2 tablespoons). The fifteen-minute mask will make you irresistible!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team