Avocado: masks for appearance

Avocado: masks for appearance

The fruit of avocado has a number of useful properties which women use for maintenance of beauty of nails, hair and face skin. Avocado oil is not unreasonably called "beauty oil", it can be used for preparation of super-nutritious mixes and masks. Curative properties of this fruit will please many women in fight against dryness of skin and hair.

For today avocado enjoys wide popularity in the world among women. And it not for nothing, contains in it large amount of "vitamin of beauty" E and also enzymes and microelements. Avocado pulp well nourishes skin, affects it soothingly. House masks and cosmetics with it possess the whole bouquet of the most useful properties.

Oil of avocado has gentle consistence, well gets deep into skin, possesses the powerful regenerating and protective action at the expense of what barrier functions of epidermis and local immunity of skin are restored.

Mask for dry skin. It is necessary to mix one crude egg yolk and a half the ground avocado. For solidification it is necessary to add starch pinch. Mix is put for 15-20 minutes on clean face. Wash away mask cool water.

Mask for sensitive skin. To connect 1/2 fruits of avocado to tablespoon of fresh mashed potatoes and sour cream and also to add 1 h spoon of olive oil. Weight is put on the cleaned face for 15 minutes and washed away by cool water.

Mask for the fat and combined skin. Avocado contains rather large amount of fats. Oil of this fruit has similar structure with fat in skin of the person. Therefore it can safely be used for oily skin. Oil does not clog up pores, is well absorbed and acquired. To pound half of avocado together with 3-4 leaflets of fresh mint, to add 3-5 drops of juice of lemon and to apply to clean skin for 15-20 minutes. The mask is washed away by warm water.

The rejuvenating mask. To pound part of fruit of avocado, to add teaspoon of dry yeast and as much the warmed-up olive oil. The mask has to infuse within 10 minutes, then it is applied for 15-20 minutes to skin and washed away cool water.

Mask for dim and brittle hair: to pound half of avocado with 1. in tablespoon of olive oil (for oily hair it should be added a little juice of lemon). Mix is applied on dry hair and on the expiration of half an hour is washed away by warm water by means of shampoo. This mask is called by right improving, its regular use prevents hair loss, saturates them with gloss and gives force.

Mask for nails. 5 drops of oil of avocado are added to 1 h spoon of lemon juice. It is necessary to wipe with the received mix nail plate, cuticle and area around nail. Musk needs to leave not less, than for 30 minutes. This procedure is good at the fragile and exfoliating nails.

The exotic guest because of the ocean – avocado, the owner of inexhaustible set of useful vitamins and microelements, perfectly will be suitable as basic component for preparation of house masks. Mixes for hair, nails and face skin with oil of fruit of avocado is fast and available way to correct the appearance, especially during the cold winter period.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team