Baking soda: recipes of beauty

Baking soda: recipes of beauty

Baking soda - the ordinary and inexpensive assistant to the woman in kitchen still for a long time, both in cookery, and in economic affairs. But very few people know that baking soda also effective remedy on hair care, skin and oral cavity.

Add pinch of salt to the favourite means for washing. Mix components directly in palms before formation of foam and put on face massage movements, then wash cool water. The srub perfectly purifies leather from pollution, opens time, deletes dead cells, doing your face smooth and gentle.

From such illness of skin the washing by warm solution of soda which will calm irritations will help, will reduce inflammations and will dry problem sites.

Take 2 tablespoons of flour and mix with one teaspoon of soda. Dilute ingredients with warm water before formation of gruel, you apply mask the circular, massing movements to previously cleaned skin. Then wash away the moistened cotton tampon. The procedure is made once a week.

Sadah puts your hair in order, removing surplus of fat and residues of cosmetics (mousses, varnishes, gels, etc.). For this purpose soda and favourite shampoo mix up in the ratio 1:4. The received weight to wash out the head. After the procedure the hairs become shiny, soft and considerably change. This way does not harm color of dyed hair.

We spend a lot of time for search of toothpaste which will effectively bleach our teeth. But the necessary means we had all this time near at hand, and we did not even know about magic property of soda. Add pinch of soda to toothpaste and clean teeth. Soda with ease will remove spots and will not damage fragile enamel.

If your gums are sensitive and often bleed, dissolve soda in small amount of water. The received solution rinse mouth. This way the gum will calm and will become prevention of bleeding of gums.

From mouth it is necessary to fight against unpleasant smell. Most often chewing gum helps to get rid of it. But it is possible to resort also to the soda help. Mix 1 teaspoon of soda with glass of water and rinse the received solution of companies.

Soda is suitable for elimination of bags under eyes and hypostases century. The teaspoon of soda needs to be parted in glass of water, to moisten bathing disk in solution and impose under eyes or on eyelids for 10 minutes.

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