Barmy face pack – healthy skin

Barmy face pack – healthy skin

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So it has developed that assessment of beauty of the woman is her face. Each woman, having woken up in the morning and having approached mirror, dreams to see in it had a rest in the night shining and smooth face skin. But in fact result other: flabbiness, peeling, greasy luster, hypostases and "bruises" under eyes. In fight against all this and aspiration to keep as long as possible appeal and youth of skin, the women spend tons of cosmetics and time. And the solution of all problems is near!

The masks prepared by own hands from products, improvised and habitual for us, not only are pleasant, but also are very effective. One of such products is yeast. Thanks to the sufficient content of vitamins of group B, they are unique nutrient for skin cells. Result of their influence – equal complexion and the smooth, velvet and shining skin.

The barmy mask with various additional components will solve practically any problem.

Mask for dry face skin

Option 1. The main component yeast of 20 g to which cream or sour cream in number of 1 tablespoon are added, olive oil and honey - everyone on 1 h spoon. To mix everything, to put for 20 minutes.

Option 2. Yeast and sour cream undertake in the same quantity – 20 g. And 1 tablespoon respectively. To add 1 ml of vitamin A, B or E which can be got in drugstore in the form of ampoules. To mix and to warm up a little, having added several drops of any aromatic oil.

Mask for oily skin of the person

Option 1. Yeast as mask basis, undertake in number of 30 g. Low-fat milk 1 tablespoon and juice of lemon is added to them (it is possible to replace with juice of aloe or extract of pharmaceutical camomile). All components to mix and put for 15 minutes.

Option 2. Yeast in number of 20 - 30 g, low-fat milk or water 1 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons of flour and sugar 1/2 tablespoons. Everything carefully to mix and put to the dark place for 3 hours. To put for 20 minutes.

Vitamin mask all-type skin

Has the tightening effect, the healthy shade gives to the face, eliminates greasy luster. For its preparation yeast mixes with lemon juice (it is possible to replace with juice of currant, cranberry, strawberry or grapefruit) to consistence of sour cream. It is put for 20 minutes.

It should be noted that each mask is applied to previously cleaned face skin, and it is washed away by warm water then favourite face cream is applied. It is worth making the procedure 2 times a week. The result is noticeable after the first application of barmy mask. 

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