Basis under make-up: how to give to skin ideal appearance

Basis under make-up: how to give to skin ideal appearance

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The basis under make-up is created for alignment of skin and giving to the person of ideal appearance. It is irreplaceable in festive make-up, but quite is suitable also for everyday life. Pick up the correct texture and shade of basis and impose it very thin layer.

The base, basis or primer - the means leveling and highlighting skin can be called differently. On sale there are options all-type skin. They differ in the saturation, density, texture and shade. Makeup artists recommend to choose two-three options and to use them depending on situation.

The water-based light base will be suitable for daily make-up. Its task is to smooth skin and to fill time. Over such basis foundation or powder will lay down very thin layer which is not creating effect of mask. Means with sun-protection filters are very good. Dry skin needs basis with moisturizing components, fat the matting primer is required. The skin which has withered, lost tone needs base with effect of lifting.

Use basis with reflective particles in the evening. It beautifully highlights face, giving it healthy shade. Suntanned skin very beautifully looks with golden spangles, pale pinkish nacreous pigments will approach. If you have chosen basis with gloss, use translucent foundation and powder without the sparkling particles.

The basis can cope also with unhealthy complexion. The earthy tone of skin will be removed by lilac base, pale the gentle-pink basis will recover. If on face there is noticeable reddish capillary grid, try primer of pale green shade. Purely white base will make the face transparent and porcelain, and golden will refresh disappearing suntan. That the base performed the functions, it is important to cause it correctly. At first clean face tonic without alcohol content. It is better to moisturize the dry skin previously gel or emulsion. Let's humidifier be absorbed and hammer with finger-tips into skin basis. Distribute it on massage lines very easy movements. It is not necessary to rub means, the base is quickly absorbed, leaving skin smooth and nonsticky. A little basis can be applied also on eyelids, it will help shadows and eyeliner it is better to keep.

If the face is shelled, before make-up process leather soft exfoliant or the peeling lotion.

Over basis put tone means: emulsion, cream, mousse or powder. Be not afraid to grease base, it is reliably fixed on skin. Consider what when using basis of tone means is required much less. Distribute tone on the person finger-tips, brush or sponge, and then slightly powder face friable translucent powder.

The basis under make-up does not belong to the looking after means and has only decorative effect. To improve condition of skin, in addition use the moisturizing and tightening creams, gels and lotions.

If on skin inflammations are noticeable, previously process them antiseptic agent, and then cause base and the dense proofreader. The women having the combined skin can use two types of basis at once. For example, on fat T-zone apply the matting primer, and on drier cheeks - the moistening means. Too you should not put base with spangles on all face. Illuminate it forehead, cheekbones and back of nose, having covered cheeks and chin with the opaque leveling means.

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