Basis under make-up: types and rules of selection

Basis under make-up: types and rules of selection

Before putting cosmetics of the woman clean face skin, but the few know about basis under make-up, what is it and for what it is necessary. The basis does skin color ideal, helps to hide small defects – pimples, freckles, scars, blue under eyes.

Types of bases

There are several types of bases:

- Emulsions, they have gentle texture, will suit any skin taking into account specific features (the normal, oily, dry or combined skin). Well masks shortcomings.

- Cream, thanks to the oils which are part, are ideal for dry skin. Are not recommended for oily skin as cream basis has the moistening effect.

- The liquid foundation, such base provides equal covering of skin, perfectly hides shortcomings and at the same time is practically not felt. Suits any skin.

- Gel, it gives to skin natural look, but does not hide defects therefore it is recommended for normal skin.

- Compact powder (or the proofreader), it is ideal for oily skin as well deletes gloss and gives dullness. Such base "makes heavier" skin therefore it is not recommended for constant application.

 - Friable powder, suits all types of skin, is ideal for fat. Does complexion equal and gives dullness to skin, allows it to breathe. It is possible to apply on liquid basic foundation. 

How to choose basis under make-up?

Choose such basis that it approached skin type, then the result of use will be more noticeable. If the base is picked up correctly, skin will look ideal. The feeling of discomfort on skin can say that it basis is picked up not truly.

When choosing base under make-up it is necessary to consider tone of skin. The shade of basis has to be slightly more dark or skin colors are lighter. Avoid too contrast shades as on face when using the transition to neck and sites where the basis has laid down not absolutely exactly will be strongly noticeable.

The good basis has to protect skin from influence of the sun, the exponent of protection has to be not less than 15. Make sure that the base can be used every day. For sensitive skin it is possible to pick up hypoallergenic basic basis.

The easiest to pick up suitable shade of basis under make-up at natural lighting. It is necessary to consider that when drying the base can change a little color therefore put basis on face and wait a little. For achievement of the best result use two shades – natural and more dark.

Begin to use basis under make-up, then the condition of skin will improve, the base also protects it from external influences. And all know that the woman feels much more surely if her skin is faultless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team