Bathtubs for weight loss with soda

Bathtubs for weight loss with soda

Much know that soda perfectly purifies fat in life. Cosmetologists advise to apply it also in the purposes. Use of soda for weight loss becomes more popular every year. The procedure can be made both in beauty shop, and in house conditions.

Everything very simply and will not involve big costs. Soda needs to be applied only to external application as for the internal use it is impossible to calculate dose. There is danger of damage of intestinal path. To lose weight by means of soda, it is recommended to take bath with its addition. It is possible to use soda with additives, the effect is guaranteed.

Bathtubs with soda in house conditions

- We gather bathtub with the water temperature about 38 degrees, we add 200 g of soda, properly we stir. We receive result: silky skin, excellent health and pleasant ease.

- We gather full bathtub, we prepare mix from baking soda about 300 g and sea salt about 0.5 kg. Important: water temperature has to be not higher than 39 degrees. 20 minutes are recommended to carry out the water procedure not longer. It is desirable to do such bathtub of times a week as result - it is possible to get rid of couple of kilograms. Positively soda bathtubs on weight loss with addition of essential oils affect. Oils bring toxins out of organism, the pleasant smell helps to relax - only advantage and pleasure. Only several drops will make reception of bathtub even more effective. To refuse such bathtubs with soda, follows people with disease of diabetes. And if there are other problems with health, it is better to consult with the doctor. Take bath in temperature condition not below and not higher than 38-39 degrees. Too low temperature does not promote influence of active agents, and very hot water can do harm to your health. After the first procedure you will feel excellent result - ease, relaxation. After acceptance of bathtub turn back towel and lie down minutes 20.

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