Beautiful figure – confidential secrets

Beautiful figure – confidential secrets

to drive all female representatives into rigid framework 90-60-90, from this nothing good will leave. Each woman is individual. If goes to be one harmonious, another will look at such parameters hanger. There is no need to aim at the standard standards, it is necessary to define for itself the and to try to correspond to them. For this purpose there are also confidential secrets.

First, creation and maintenance of the ideal figure requires healthy nutrition. It not only combination of vitamins and minerals, amounts of the eaten food, but also diet. At diet there have to be products improving metabolism. It is possible to carry citrus, green tea, dairy products, nuts, olive oil to them, etc.

There are various directions which will help to begin to eat properly. The rawism and vegetarianism belongs to them. If to choose one of these directions, then it is the best of all to begin with vegetarianism, and then gradually to accustom organism to rawism. This smooth transition is necessary for prevention of sharp detoxication of organism. It is necessary to observe strictly it, to eat approximately at the same time, having excluded unnecessary sugar, sparkling water, chips and other marketing products.

 Meal can be more often, but portions have to be less. Is not after 18:00. It is kind of banal this phrase did not sound, but it works. At least in 3 hours prior to dream it is necessary to avoid absorption of any products. Instead of to nutrients to be transformed to energy, they turn into unnecessary fat at this time. It is possible to eat practically everything, having excluded the products stated above and junk greasy, salty food. Emphasis needs to be placed on vegetables (it is desirable in the raw) and fruit.  

Secondly – physical activity is necessary. It does not mean that it is necessary to vanish in the gym round the clock. Regular trainings are necessary. It is necessary to get habit to do exercises in the morning and in the evening. It will not take a lot of time and forces. Only 15 minutes twice a day, in the morning and will make miracles in the evening. It is not necessary to aim to correct figure in week, month, year. It is necessary to develop habit to watch the food and physical activity. As soon as it becomes habit, the organism itself will begin transformations.

 Actually there are no confidential secrets. To achieve good result, it is necessary to make daily for this purpose small step.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team