Beautiful hair: fall in love with them and they will reciprocate

Beautiful hair: fall in love with them and they will reciprocate

Who does not dream of smart hair? On this question the negative answer will not follow (at least from fine half). But sometimes we notice that hair any more not such as earlier. We begin to buy up convulsively various expensive shampoos, balms, masks, but positive result can not follow.

Except the special advertized means for protection of hair and head skin there are basic rules of elementary care for them. 1. Let's begin with washing of the head. It is necessary to wash the head warm, even with slightly cool water, and to apply foam to skin and to wash too only head skin. Hair you should not rub, so they are strongly injured. There will be enough foam which is flowing down on hair to wash out hair.

  1. It is obligatory to use masks or hair balms.

Masks are applied to head skin, as a rule, less often on hair. Balms and conditioners are applied only on tips and length of hair, receding 5-10 cm from roots.

  1. It is better to dry in the natural way, or to use the sparing hair dryers with cold air flow. 4. Not to comb wet hair. Never. It strongly injures them. To comb only dry hair and it is desirable if hair dry, are fluffy, curling, to apply indelible sprays or it is better hair creams. They are applied only on tips too. 4.1. It is better to give preference to hairbrushes from natural bristle or wooden. 5. To protect hair in the winter from frost, and in the flying from the scorching sun. You should not go to twenty-degree frosts without cap, or to release (long hair) outside from under cap. Beauty needs to be protected for warm season. 6. Balanced food. In diet are obligatory: fruit, vegetables, porridges, fermented milk products, proteins. During the winter and spring period it is good to drink vitamins. They and immunity will strengthen and hair will be saturated with necessary microelements.7. It is more often to cut tips. Many girls in rush of desire to grow long hair neglect hairstyle of tips of hair. Yes, hair grow long. But, as a rule, seldom healthy on all length, it is also necessary to cut off not 2 cm any more, and much more. It is better to remove in due time splitting ends, it not strongly affects length (1 cm in 3-4 months). Girls with not well-groomed hair - not palatable show since it is better to have the short or average length of hair, but beautiful. 8. It is desirable to dye hair the sparing dyes. And adherents of natural products have found dyes not only harmless long ago, but also useful. 9. To use curling irons, hair curlers, rectifiers less often. And if to do it, then only on dry hair. 10. To love and pay attention to the hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team