Beautiful hairstyle in house conditions

Beautiful hairstyle in house conditions

In house conditions it is possible to do hair of any complexity. Everything depends on skills of laying and also correctly picked up staylingovy means. Beginners should spend several hours for trainings, styling hair without hurrying. After several trial hairstyles it will be possible to pass to more difficult options which usually do in salons.

It is required to you

  • - hair conditioner;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - spray for laying;
  • - varnish;
  • - hair curlers;
  • - nippers for hair;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - hairpins and invisible beings;
  • - hairpins.


  1. Before starting laying, wash up hair. That locks were not scattered and held form, process them the indelible conditioner mousse, and then get wet with towel and dry on air, without use of the hair dryer. Hair will keep gloss and volume, will not be electrified.
  2. Further processing depends on what hairstyle you plan. Try one of the most popular options - effective curls. Long hair before wave should be extended the iron. From smooth locks more equal curls which will last most long will turn out.
  3. Dividing hair into rather narrow locks, sprinkle them laying spray or mousse. Then wind locks on soft hair curlers of the average size. Begin wave with forehead and temples, gradually moving ahead to the top and nape. Having finished, dry up hair the hair dryer included on average power. Finish drying by blowing by cold air. Such reception will fix curls.
  4. Accurately remove hair curlers. Sprinkle hair varnish of average fixing and shake up them fingers at roots. Do not comb curls that they have not developed. Heat nippers and twist separate thin locks spirals. It will increase the volume of hairstyle and will give to curls interesting structure. Once again sprinkle curls varnish, let's them cool down.
  5. Now the hairstyle can be decorated. Divide hair into parting at the side, having slightly raised one lock it is necessary forehead. Holding it with fingers, sprinkle lock varnish and let's it be recorded. Pin up hair on the other side of the head several invisible hairpins that they lay ideally smoothly. Such hairstyle in retrostyle will be suitable for party.
  6. If you like more reserved everyday option, put on wide velvet or leather rim the head and slightly shift it on forehead. Two or three thin metal rims which are put on at the same time can become alternative option at once. The hairstyle will look frostily, but at the same time is very womanly.
  7. Those who prefers high laying will like simple and stylish option in style of the 60th. Shake up curls fingers, and then twist them in not hard plait on nape. Lift it to the top and pin up several hairpins in hair color. Wind the ends of curls on finger and lay on the top ringlets. Record laying by varnish. It is possible to pull out couple of thin locks from node and will leave them freely to hang down along cheeks. Such hairstyle very effectively looks with the long earrings emphasizing face form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team