Beautiful hairstyle in house conditions: we create masterpiece on stages

Beautiful hairstyle in house conditions: we create masterpiece on stages

In house conditions it is possible to do not only simple hair, but also very intricate laying suitable for parties. The beautiful hairstyle can be built from any hair, but especially there are a lot of opportunities at long and semi-long. Use cosmetics and devices which will give to locks additional volume and will facilitate laying.

The hair needs to be done on clean hair. However fresh-washed locks can be too soft and disobedient. The indelible conditioner mousse which is rubbed in roots will help to correct situation, and then distribute on all length of hair at once after washing. Dry shampoo allows to achieve the same effect. It needs to be sprayed on roots of hair and to comb out carefully brush. As a result hair will become dense and elastic, will gain gloss.

Will help to make hair obedient spray on the basis of sea water. The locks laid with its help look very naturally and remain soft to the touch.

Begin with simple, but beautiful laying which will be suitable for daily socks. From semi-long straight or wavy hair it is possible to create romantic hairstyle with the volume roller on nape. By means of the hair dryer and round brush style hair easy waves. Divide them into two parts parting in the middle from the top down.

Separate two locks on the left side and throw one over another. Separate the third lock and cross with the first two. Repeat reception on the other side of the head and connect the free ends of hair. Both hands sprain them inside, forming the magnificent roller. Fix it by hairpins, sticking them from top to down and a few sideways. The thin handle of hairbrush release couple of thin locks at temples. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish of moderate fixing or gloss in spray.

Instead of usual hairpins in hair color it is possible to use decorative, decorated with rhinestones or pearls.

Stylish the low knot collected by means of knitted elastic bands looks. Such hairstyle will be suitable both for office, and for party. That hair looked more magnificent, before laying slightly comb them and sprinkle the fixing spray. Pick up two wide soft elastic bands matching on color hair. By means of one elastic band collect hair in low tail on nape. Do not tighten lock on the top and temples, they have to lie freely. The second elastic band intercept the turned-out tail in the middle. Raise it to the basis and pin up hairpins. Wind with thin locks from tip of tail elastic bands, slightly fluff up the remained ends of hair hands. The node on nape has to turn out magnificent and deliberately negligent. Record hairstyle varnish. For celebration it is possible to do more effective and difficult hair. Before work process hair the iron that locks were ideally smooth. Then divide hair into two parts hair parting from ear to ear. Collect back part in tail by thin elastic band, divide lobby into wide locks of part parting in the middle. Comb tail and slightly smooth it brush, trying not to trample down volume. Fix the ends of hair by flat clip. Then move part with clip under the basis of tail and pin up hairpins. Level chignon and fix it by invisible beings. Comb side locks. Left take away back and wrap it the tail basis, having hidden tips inside. Arrive also with the right part of hair. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish and decorate it with the big flat hairpin attached on the place of crossing of locks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team