Beautiful hairstyles in 5 minutes for long hair

Beautiful hairstyles in 5 minutes for long hair

Long hair not always need wave, straightening and other manipulations. In only 5 minutes you will be able to lay them in elegant or romantic hairstyle which to remain for all day. Suitable laying means and hair accessories will help with its creation.

Strictly and simply: hairstyles for office

Office hairstyles for long hair have to be accurate, stylish and simple performed by. Give preference to simple nodes and rollers - such hairstyles will favourably emphasize features, will extend neck. Besides they are well combined with business suits and dresses, emphasizing your professionalism and adjusting on business harmony.

That laying looked ideally, hair have to be clean. Very thin, easily scattered locks can be processed dry shampoo. It will give to hair density and volume, the hairstyle will better keep.

The French shell is very just carried out. Sprinkle clean hair spray for laying, slightly comb, and then carefully smooth brush. Collect locks by the left hand and twirl them in plait from nape to the top. Put plait in half and arrange it vertically on all to head length. The left hand sprain it inside, forming laying, and right pin up plait hairpins. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish. At will on temples it is possible to produce couple of thin locks, so the hairstyle will look less formally. Try variation on habitual node on nape. Comb hair on parting at the side and separate three locks from each party. Twist locks in plaits and bring together them on nape in tail. Curtail it into magnificent node and pin up hairpins. The hairstyle can be altered slightly, having braided tail to the spit, and only after that having twisted in node.

Fast hairstyles for rest

By means of correctly picked up jewelry you quickly will give to hairstyle effective look. Comb hair on parting at the side, collect locks in low tail and tie it decorative cord. The tail has to be located sideways, directly behind ear. Intertwine it with the ends of cord and curtail into node. Fix hairstyle by hairpins and record varnish gloss. Very stylish laying in retrostyle looks. It will be suitable for thick hair, direct or wavy. Rub small amount of the fixing mousse in roots. Separate wide lock it is necessary forehead, raise it, shift forward and fix by flat hairpin or couple of hairpins. Small cook will turn out. Do not make him too high. Comb the remained locks, curtail into not hard plait, put it in half and fix near hairpin. Brush smooth locks on temples and record them varnish. It is possible to alter laying, having left locks on nape free or having removed them in grid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team