Beautiful hairstyles on average hair

Beautiful hairstyles on average hair

Today at self-sufficient and active young ladies the average length of hair since such hair demand less time for leaving is considered standard and to do simple hair from them much more simply. Beautiful hairstyles on average hair are very different.

Elegant bunch

Fashionable and at the same time elegant hairstyle is the bunch. There are bunch construction many options. Comb hair, sprinkle from spray, and then collect hair on the top or nape in tail, fix it by means of elastic band.

Further overwind tail around axis that the hard plait was formed. Thick hair can be divided into several locks and to overwind each of them separately.

Wrap the turned-out plait around the basis of your tail. Do not forget to remove the disobedient or beaten-out locks of hair in the course of reversing. As a result at you peculiar snail which needs to be fixed by means of hairpins will turn out.

At the last stage sprinkle the turned-out bunch hairspray. Keep in mind that bunch — the hairstyle having set of variations: smooth bunch, the tousled bunch, bunch from braids, bunch with free curls, etc.

Volume tail

Simple, but always the relevant female hairstyle on average hair is tail. The smooth tail suits not all girls and looks very officially therefore you can diversify your appearance with hairstyle with volume tail.

Well comb hair, tighten up separate locks by means of nippers for hair. Further raise hair at upper part of the head and comb to give them volume.

Collect upper part of hair in volume tail and tie it elastic band. Then raise tail up and begin to collect hair in the lower part of the head. Make the second tail, and then tighten elastic bands.

At the final stage straighten upper tail so that the basis of the lower tail was not visible. This hairstyle looks is very fresh and suits owners of voluminous hair.

The Greek hairstyle with bandage

Fashionable trend is today the Greek hair which do quite simply and in house conditions. Well brush hair that they became smooth and obedient. Then over the head tie tape or tape.

Take front curls and fill for tape behind at nape. Thus wrap all hair accurate locks. The fashionable Greek hairstyle is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team