Beautiful manicure for short nails

Beautiful manicure for short nails

Beautiful manicure on short nails can be executed in house conditions in only several minutes by means of various varnishes and improvised tools. Correctly picked up design will make nails visually longer and more graceful.

Before carrying out some design, it is necessary to make cut or not cut manicure to put nails in order. At first it is necessary to wash up hands, then to remove cuticle, to remove it with tweezers or special gel, to saw round nails, to grind surface and to degrease it. Only after that, regardless of which there will be future manicure, it is necessary to apply basis under varnish on nails.

It is good if the special basis which strengthens and feeds nails is used. From it they grow quicker and more exactly, and their structure becomes more dense.

The good way to make beautiful manicure on short nails is to use varnish with effect of craquelure. Two varnishes will be required: basic color and with effect of crackling. The second is recommended to be chosen such color that it looked unusually and stylish. For example, such combinations as approach: red basis and black cracking, white basis and red cracking, green basis and white cracking. Apply varnish of basic color on nails, let's it dry. Then apply varnish with effect of craquelure. When it dries, manicure can be covered with the protectant that it has longer held on.

That varnish with effect of craquelure well spread on surface, the basis has to be glossy. That is, matt lacquer is not suitable for these purposes.

The return service jacket is too good way to decorate short nails which have no grown free edge. The smile is drawn in this case in the field of cuticle. Stylish and beautifully the return fan service jacket where as primary colors bright shades, but not pink and white are used looks (as at classical French manicure). It is necessary to varnish nails of primary color, to allow it to dry. Then to paste cliches for the French manicure on hole (1 - 2 mm from cuticle). To execute service jacket the second chosen varnish. After drying the cliches clean up, and manicure becomes covered with transparent varnish.

It is possible to carry out the return service jacket and in a different way: at first to varnish nails of that color which will execute smile, then to separate cliche hole, to cover nail bed with primary color.

Beautiful manicure on short nails turns out also by means of magnetic varnishes. It is necessary to apply the chosen magnetic varnish, then so far it has not dried, to carry out by magnet (it is on sale complete with varnish bottle) over surface that the original pattern has turned out. Each finger becomes covered in turn. If magnetic varnish dries earlier, than to carry out over it magnet, then it will be just color, without pattern. As painting bitmaps not bad are suitable for short nails. It is possible to execute them by means of special brush – dotets. It can be made independently of toothpick and cotton wool. It is necessary to reel up small cotton ball on tip of toothpick or needle. To execute design, it is necessary to apply at first basic color varnish, and then (after drying) to put down points of other color. If then to stretch them needle, then the unusual ornament will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team