Beautiful nails: gel or shellac?

Beautiful nails: gel or shellac?

In pursuit of beauty of the woman go for various improvements. Hands – the first indicator as far as the woman watches herself as far as she is well-groomed. So men consider.

Now there are enough ways to support nails in accurate state, without making efforts. Many women have ceased to look after independently nails, regularly visit beauty shops and ask for the help nail technicians. If several flyings ago the nails increased by means of biogel were popular, then recently they are succeeded by shellac – the novelty in the field of manicure which is used for covering of nails.

Both biogel, and shellac give to women joy of resistant manicure when nail care comes down to one campaign to the master in month. These materials are similar, but they are not similar each other because they have essential distinctions.

Shellac will hardly suit lovers of long marigold as this covering is intended for short nails. And here biogel thanks to the properties helps to hold length and gives durability. The biogel consisting of proteins and organic substances gives opportunity to adjust shape of nail.

Shellac is transitional covering between gel and varnish. Actually this material in use has acquired the name by the name of one of brands of this covering. Shellac keeps on nails slightly less – about three weeks. Unlike gel, it is more resistant to aggressive environment therefore owners of nails with shellac can use cleaners, without being afraid that nails will lose appeal. Besides, shellac gives more opportunities for design of nails that it is relevant for lovers of creative design.

In general it is impossible to define what material for covering of nails is better. The woman has to try and decide itself that she is suitable for her and the rate of her life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team