Beauty is gift or damnation

Beauty is gift or damnation

is on what first of all judge the person. Attractive appearance motivates people on acquaintance. Certainly, in the course of further communication the opinion on the person can repeatedly change, but the first impression always depends on appearance.

Beauty against stereotypes

At the same time, in society there is mass of stereotypes about beautiful people. It is considered that all beautiful women – silly women, and handsome men are spoiled and cannot be faithful husbands. Psychologists indirectly confirm similar stereotypes the fact is that beautiful people are usually spoiled attention of society, the poet can not always understand feelings of people around. At early age when people only learn to interact with the world and society, the handsome men often leave on appeal, receiving almost for nothing what others win persistence, patience and persistence. And beautiful people, despite terrible character, can remain the center of attention for many years, just because attract many people with the appearance.

Beauty canons very strongly change over the years under influence of external serious circumstances and fashion. Beauties of the eighteenth century, for example, seem presently gray mice, and it is only about persons, even not about figures.

Damnation in beauty

Of course, it is easier for many beautiful, refined people in life, than usual, but this belief fairly exactly half. Even now, presently, when both floors have seemingly equal rights, women often are still perceived as the property of men. Therefore possession of the beautiful girl adds public weight to its satellite. Beautiful women often and are perceived by expensive, powerless goods. Quite cruel modern society can actually refuse to beautiful girls the right to have the thoughts, feelings, experiences, including them just beautiful dolls. In similar situation happens quite difficult to find the true, sincere love.

As for handsome men, very many women prefer them less brilliant gentlemen as partners in life, because of the occurring confidence in what the beautiful husband will surely change. It can sometimes bring to handsome certain troubles.

Cosmetics has very strong impact on appearance presently therefore if you are dissatisfied with something in the shape, try to change it by means of cosmetics.

Of course, direct link between happiness and appearance is absent. Beauty is short-lived, aging always comes into the own. Therefore, as well as practically all in lives, use of own beauty for the good or in the evil depends only on the specific person. There is curious opinion that all actions, all acts, moral decisions, thoughts over the years accumulate on appearance. Therefore many people get prettier over the years, and others, alas, lose the attractiveness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team