Beauty – not the main thing?

Beauty – not the main thing?

girl, the girl, the woman dreams to be if not Miss Universe, then the most beautiful among colleagues, girlfriends and in general the environment. Of course, all have ideas of beauty. And the most important is feeling of comfort which remains with the woman forever.

When the woman is happy, she is already beautiful. First, there is live gloss in eyes which any mascara is incapable to draw. Rather this internal state which needs to be maintained by all make-shifts. Skin around eyes is most vulnerable and subject to aging. That to protect it, special cream for century is required. The benefit the choice of such means is quite broad now.

Ruddy cheeks, healthy look – all this signs of the correct care for skin. The main thing is not to forget about daily rituals of clarification and moistening of skin. It is necessary to observe them twice a day, and in especially hot weather is possible more. Naturally, deep cleansing with use of suitable srub or peeling is several times a month welcomed.

It is considered that hands and their well-groomed look become the business card of the woman. Therefore it is regularly necessary or to attend procedures of building and the subsequent correction with performance of manicure, or to independently do all procedures allowing to keep to hands youth, and to give to nails healthy look. The same concerns also feet and also nails standing. Irrespective of season they have to look ideally.

You should not forget also about body care which skin also requires special care. It is necessary to take baths with addition of salt and essential oils, to apply the moisturizing lotions and cream maintaining water balance of skin. And it is natural, you should not forget about healthy nutrition which will improve work of all internals and also to do at least the minimum physical exercises which will help to keep shape.

All these procedures in complex will help to feel constantly beautiful and to remain confident in own forces. Also it is always necessary to know that your appearance is ready to any situation, for example the unexpected message about office party. In this case just it should be added refinement note in make-up and the new image is created. 

Therefore such means as eyelash mascara, universal color pencil for eyes, two colors of lipstick – one neutral, the second evening and also neutral palette of eye shadow have to be present at make-up bag of each girl surely. And the make-up bag always has to be in handbag – you never know what situation will occur.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team