Beauty of skin: simple rules

Beauty of skin: simple rules

The dream of each woman is to be not only healthy, but also to remain young and beautiful for many years. But whether so just to keep all naturalness of beauty? Definite answer – is not present! Beauty demands daily leaving and use of complex cosmetics. Both only the diligent eagerness, and care of the appearance will become the best fellow travelers on the way to youth and beauty.

Remember the most important – to the girl not permissibly to look careless, old and with signs of fatigue. Of course, it is not so simple to achieve beautiful and well-groomed appearance, but it is quite feasible. And that it was not necessary to solve beauty problem, in the future, by radical methods, it is necessary to begin to care for the skin since early years.

The first rule – wrong opinion

The most important mistake which is made practically by each woman is confidence that youth, is 100% guarantee of their beauty. And with naive confidence are convinced that about one years, so forty, need for various creams and masks – is not present! Being guided at the same time that when treasured hour comes, plastic surgeons will remove all roughnesses and shortcomings of skin. Undoubtedly, our medicine has evolved very dramatically, but masters of plastics not wizards. Both face skin and bodies which was adjusted only by means of surgeons will naturally not look. What cannot be told about that skin which was influenced by all delights of leaving since early years.

The second rule – water beauty

The absence in organism of enough water, can lead to skin dehydration, and it in turn, will provoke emergence on skin of dryness, peeling and, of course, wrinkles will develop. Usual water will help to cope with premature signs of aging. There is nothing difficult, it is just necessary to respect the rules of daily liquid, and these are not less than two liters (tea and juice here enter).The third rule – vitamin complex

And – this vitamin is responsible for correctness of work of sebaceous glands and helps fast recovery of skin. Contains in carrots, orange, pumpkin and sea-buckthorn.

RR – controls ability of integument to breathe, promotes the best blood circulation and expands vessels. Big all contains in meat, yeast and liver.

B12 – the most useful vitamin for blood. Prevails in beef liver, chicken, eggs and fish.

B2 – is responsible for healthy type of skin. It contains in fermented milk products, and promotes good digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

These rules are only capable to enhance effect. But they will not be effective if at the same time not to conduct correct and healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to observe correctness in food, to maintain stability in weight, to play sports, and the most important, total rejection of addictions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team