Beauty of soul and body!

Beauty of soul and body!

of us, as a rule, we face questions which in force to change our life. For example, especially in life of girls, the choice Beauty of soul or body is necessary. Do not confuse beauty of the person with beauty of inner world. It is necessary to be able to combine beauty of body and soul. Only then we can become successful and happy. Only then we can equal hopes of relatives. But it is necessary to remember what has put not only in beauty, but also in life there are a lot of other circumstances.


  1. Beauty. The meaning of this concept is known not to all and not everyone can correctly use it. We need to recognize that spiritual beauty of the person has to develop since the early childhood, spelyonok. Of course the most important role is played for this purpose by parents. All know that the psychology of development of the child - depends on acts of parents. If parents often swear, do not look for the child and live in itself, then we know that the child will grow up strong as spiritually and physical, but not in good sense. And if parents care for the child much, love and pay him more attention than it is worth giving, the child can grow up weak (sincerely). Because the child even if has grown up, he understands that he depends on parents, he will have no own opinion, he looks for parents everywhere and always. We live not forever. Also it is worth remembering that the child of course needs love and caress of parents. But not to go beyond all limits. It is necessary to bring up the child so that he has grown up self-confident. Also it is necessary to give it chance, to express and consult on it. That the child was independent and was able to make decisions correctly. Also it is impossible to reproach the child with everything even if the child is not right, it is not necessary to shout and abuse. It is the best of all to solve all peacefully and quietly to explain all. Because of shouts the child can be frightened, or it is worse to get used to these shouts and to behave in the future also. So, we have found out that the first step to beauty this education.
  2. Step 2. Teenagers. When we are teenagers as the fact, in this stage of life we make many mistakes than ever. At us appears personal problems, interests, etc. We have envy. The schoolmate has bought new bag, branded. And what's next? We want too. We think than we it is worse than it and we begin to disturb parents. We have new test in lives, love. The love - beautiful word, and sounds as. We fall in love, rejoice, we cry. And in this stage of life beauty - plays important role. What to make to become beautiful soul and body? It is necessary to do everything. The main thing believe in yourself, and do not make mistakes. Here 10 rules to success and beauty whom I have made: 1) Do not gossip. It is sin. Do not humiliate the person. Do not think if you can humiliate someone at all that will become the most abrupt in class. It, probably is pleasant to bad guys, and good which will be to faithful men and the friend, it can do it will not be pleasant. 2) Be not available. Those who are hocht by you have to reach you. Also be not cherezmerno unavailable. Give people chance to recognize you closer. 3) Respect others opinion.4) do not get confused in fashion or style. Do not overdo. 5) Let you will have good friends. Also be for someone loyal friend. Always help friends, and be not malicious. 6) Be able shares councils. Then you will look in other eyes smart and successful. 7) You study. Smart always be fashionable. 8) Show that you love animals and protect the nature. Also be weak to achieve the desired guy. It is pleasant to guys when they main stronger. 9) Look after yourself, behind figure, behind face skin. Also it is impossible to be painted much. Natural - it is more beautiful. 10) Love! protect love and be true in the relations. Only then you will be beautiful in everything. External beauty is even more precious when covers internal. The book which gold fasteners close the gold contents gets special respect. William Shakespeare

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team