Beauty secrets from Cleopatra

Beauty secrets from Cleopatra

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was famous for the improbable beauty and eternal youth. Still archeologists try to find the secrets of its charms which are written down in the form of recipes. One of such recipes concerns the procedure of relaxation by means of the bathroom filled with milk and honey. Let's understand how it is possible to use this method of rejuvenation and recuperation at home.

After scientists many women try to understand where the truth and where lie in myths about this mysterious woman. Cleopatra as symbol of female beauty, remains idol of seductresses many centuries. And its image does not grow dull over the years.

Cleopatra lived in the 1st century BC. In those days did not even hear about many synthetic products. So, maybe, the ancient art has opened secrets of internal beauty? Hardly. Most likely, the most glorified beauties used councils of elderly women which managed to open trial and error method some recipes of preservation of youth.

One of the most popular myths concerning Cleopatra is the legend of its bathtubs from goat milk with honey. By the way, this combination of ingredients is used also in the modern industry of beauty. Lactic acids soften skin, and honey recovers it and does younger and strong.

Honey is vitamin-rich also minerals, contains glucose and fructose. They are considered as ideal nutrients for skin. The bee product contains the resolvents which are healing wounds, hems, pimples and having useful effect on condition of body.

Cleopatra's method seems not suitable for modern living conditions. But if there are enthusiasts wishing to use the magic recipe of the Queen of Nile, then they need to make the following. It is necessary to put 1/4 glasses of honey in big bowl, to add as much some milk or milk powder, to add with 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil. Having well stirred ingredients, it is necessary to place the received means in water. It is necessary to take such bath 15–20 minutes that all substances were absorbed in skin. After the procedure it is important to rinse skin well. This recipe will present you soft, beautiful skin which will keep the magnificence for some time because has absorbed in itself set of useful substances.

However, if you have no desire to do means for the bathroom independently, study the range of cosmetic shops. The modern industry of beauty gives opportunity of the choice of care products for skin which already contain magic combination of milk and honey.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team