Beauty secrets from professionals

Beauty secrets from professionals

-tryuki, used by stylists and hairdressers with world name, differ in successful combination of simplicity of their execution with careful skin and hair care. Knowledge of these secrets of beauty will always allow to look faultlessly and stylish.

The small selection of practical advice from professionals of the highest level will never be superfluous in arsenal of the woman aiming to look good regardless of external circumstances and condition of the purse.


Quite often women experience difficulties with carrying out absolutely flat line of arrows on centuries. To facilitate to itself this task, it is enough to use the most usual teaspoon. Having pressed shank or curved part of spoon to century and having used them as cliche, it is possible to receive perfectly straight line or smoothly curved line of arrow.

If necessary to place emphasis on eyebrow in make-up, it is recommended to use white cosmetic pencil. Around eyebrow allocate white contour and smoothly shade it for lightening of this zone.

To eliminate dark circles under eyes, one foundation does not suffice. At first it is necessary to neutralize blue by means of the pink proofreader then the area under eyes is clarified by concealer of yellowish shade.

Hair care

If the dry and injured hair need difficult laying, it is even more possible to record hairstyle and not to spoil curls by means of sugar water. For this purpose 6-7 tsps of granulated sugar dissolve in glass of hot water, cool and pour in bottle with spray. The structure is sprayed on hair then they are wound on hair curlers: the soft, magnificent and well recorded curls turn out.

The hair inclined to formation of small curls are strongly injured because of frequent use of mechanical means for their straightening. That to avoid it, in shampoo or hair conditioner squeeze out juice of one lemon. It gives to hair not only ideal smoothness, but also natural gloss.


Horse tail – favourite hairstyle of many women. But very few people know that the perfect place for arrangement of tail is the point which is continuation of the line of cheekbones towards nape. In order that the tail has turned out ideally equal and smooth, it is recommended to lay down on bed and to give the head a little down then to collect hair in hairstyle.

To receive the good volume of the hair styled in hairstyle the method of double drying is used. Apply a little mousse for laying on moist hair, dry their phenom then curls humidify again and dry with drawing double portion of laying mousse. 

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