Black dots and enlarged pores: fight methods

Black dots and enlarged pores: fight methods

Oily and problem skin rather often is followed by such problems as enlarged pores and black dots. It can be caused also by the wrong leaving, some diseases and also other features of organism. To return to skin purity and dullness, provide regular care which is inconceivable without clarification.

Enlarged pores – the main problem of oily skin which delivers great deal of trouble to the owner. They are hammered with dust that becomes the reason of inflammations, developing of acne rash and other skin diseases. Besides, enlarged pores are capable to spoil impression even from the most attractive appearance. Not only that it not esthetically, but also is harmful to skin.

In house conditions the easiest and effective way of fight against black dots is steaming and manual expression. For a start it is necessary to prepare special steam bath. In small wide capacity pour the boiling water and add several drops of essential oil of tea tree or rosemary, 1 tsp of sea salt without preservatives. Also you can use broth of lime color or camomile pharmaceutical. Clean face from pollution and residues of decorative cosmetics and bend over steam. At the same time the head needs to be covered with towel. Remember that it is impossible to incline too low – it can burn skin. The procedure lasts about 10 minutes. Steam baths are strictly forbidden people with expanded vessels.

After carefully wash up hands, process alcohol and wind with clean gauze or sterile napkin. At the same time nails have to be shortly cut. It is necessary not to damage integuments. Later you can start direct expression of black dots. It is necessary to do it very accurately and carefully. It is recommended to repeat such cleaning once a week. Several times a week purify skin with srub. It can be bought in cosmetic shop, drugstore or to prepare with own hand. Mix gel for washing or shaving foam with small sea salt or weak coffee thick. Put srub on massage lines with slight circular motions. In three-five minutes wash cool water. The proteinaceous mask will be suitable for narrowing of time. Beat several cooled whites before formation of dense foam, accurately mix with 1 tsp of fresh juice of cranberry or lemon. The mask needs to be put in three layers, using special brush. After 20 minutes wash away means the cooled green tea.

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