Blefaroplastik of upper and lower eyelids

Blefaroplastik of upper and lower eyelids

Unfortunately, the human body is not insured from aging. Years postpone print on face, in particular it is expressed in the hung centuries which are doing look less attractive, and sometimes and simply preventing to look fully at the world.

Blefaroplastik is plastic surgery during which there is removal of surplus of skin and fat deposits in the field of century. It is necessary to tell that not always those who have noticed at themselves signs of age changes decide on it. Blefaroplastik allows to correct form and section of eyes therefore for it there are also young people. Mainly this operation is considered women's because men more rare do correction century.

It is necessary to tell, that eyelid skin especially thin and gentle, therefore age changes, connected not only with skin withering, but also with the wrong cosmetic leaving, excessive manifestation of emotions, refusal of wearing sunglasses most quicker are reflected in it.

Some people are mistaken, including blefaroplastika exclusively cosmetic procedure. It not always so. There is also functional correction century when to it there are medical indications. For example, in case the hung eyelids prevent to drive or work, narrowing viewing angle.

Blefaroplastik both upper, and lower eyelids are exposed. The plastics of upper eyelids is directed to elimination of overhang of integuments in upper eyelids. The procedure is made through external section. However you should not be afraid of it, the section has the microscopic sizes and hides in natural fold of century. Blefaroplastik of lower eyelids helps to eliminate bags under eyes, to get rid of puffiness and also wrinkles of various origin. The lower blefaroplastika is carried out through external or internal section. It depends on indications to operation. Often it is carried out at the same time on upper and lower eyelids. In this case the blefaroplastika is called circular.

The transkonjyuktivny blefaroplastika will be suitable for people who want to remove surplus of fat in the field of century. It is shown to persons of young age who have eyelid skin still rather elastic.

The people who have decided on bleforaplastika should not underestimate complexity and gravity of operation. As there is surgical intervention in areas century, before the procedure is necessary consultation of the ophthalmologist, and even for those who have excellent sight. The people wearing glasses or contact lenses should consult the oculist especially attentively. The ophthalmologist has to carry out repeated survey after blefaroplastika. Operation on correction is performed century in hospital under local anesthesia. On average it lasts about three hours.

During blefaroplastika the eyeball is not affected in any way therefore you should not be afraid of deterioration in sight afterwards.

Postoperative rehabilitation lasts about three weeks. During this time after removal of cosmetic seams bruises for about century have to descend. According to the statistics, after this operation the eyelids remain tightened during 10 flyings. However its final result in many respects depends on specific features of the specific person. It is interesting that the blefaroplastika is admissible to be carried out together with other cosmetic operations on rejuvenation of face and neck, for example, with tightening. However only the treating surgeon can make the decision on it. Correction century - not cosmetic action, but surgical intervention in human body.

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