Blefaroplastik. What does the plastics of upper and lower eyelid threaten with?

Blefaroplastik. What does the plastics of upper and lower eyelid threaten with?

Blefaroplastik is plastic surgery on correction of form of century. During this procedure, surpluses of integument and fat deposits are excised, the general view of the person improves, it looks much more young, puffiness vanishes.

The most widespread complaints of clients of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists are availability of wrinkles, the drooped century, bags under eyes. All these problems are very well fixed by means of plastics. In many cases the young girls wishing to correct eye shape also can see doctor. In certain cases irregular shape of eyes can seriously spoil sight.

Correction of upper eyelid by means of operation is applied in case of ptoz who can result from age pathology.

At correction of lower eyelid there is removal of bags under eyes and also skin omission is eliminated. At the same time the doctor tries not to delete from the operated area of wrinkle. At tension of skin there can be big risk of deformation of century.

Operation is made under the general or local anesthesia, and its general duration seldom happens more than an hour. The patient does not feel any unpleasant feelings in connection with blefaroplastiky. Besides, the modern medicine allows to apply seamless correction of eyes. All necessary operational events are held by the laser.

Through microscopic section the necessary amount of fatty tissue is removed.

As well as any other intervention, blefaroplastika has the contraindications. It should not be seen off in the presence of many chronic problems with health, in particular, pathology of thyroid gland, any infections, chronic pathologies, especially in aggravation stage, pathologies of blood and bodies of blood formation, changes of intraocular pressure (glaucoma), diabetes in dekompensatsionny stage, any oncological diseases at all stages of development of process, skin diseases of any etiology and extent of development, diseases of cardiovascular system, conjunctivitis of various stage of development. At making decision on blefaroplastika it is necessary to remember that this after all serious intervention, and it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons of such operation. In case of lack of contraindications at competently performed operation the side effects and negative consequences meet seldom. Nevertheless, as well as at any surgery, complications are possible. The most frequent by-effect is hypostasis in plastics zone. Usually it descends 1-2 days later. Also increased lachrymation (if plaintive channels are touched), hypodermic hematomas are possible (are eliminated by means of puncture). Pain syndromes usually are practically absent. And, of course, allergic reactions to the used medicines are possible. Ectropion – procrastination of lower eyelid concerns those down, for example. It can arise time or after operation. It is adjusted by means of gymnastics or massage, repeated surgical intervention in certain cases can be required. One more possible complication - retrobulbar hematoma. It is trauma of soft fabrics of orbit of eye. At such injury of eyes as though it is stuck out, loses mobility, intraocular pressure increases. Nausea, delay of pulse and other symptoms are possible. Treatment is carried out under control of the ophthalmologist.

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