Bodiflex: useful face exercises and necks

Bodiflex: useful face exercises and necks

Bodiflex - the popular set of exercises based on combination of deep breath with its delay at acceptance of certain poses. By means of exercises it is possible to tighten figure contours, to correct volumes and to improve bearing. Some points of the program concern also improvement of condition of the face and neck. Master couple of exercises and carry out them daily. Already in few weeks you will feel positive effect.


1. Face exercises on system bodiflex well tighten contours, remove obvislost and fat folds, strengthen muscles and give tone to skin. The cheerfulness, good mood and removal of fatigue will become additional bonus. For full-fledged loading of face muscles, neck and upper part of breast it is enough to execute only two exercises, everyone on 3-5 times. For a start it is worth doing them once a day, but if desired it is possible to repeat complex.

2. Master the correct breath. According to system, it consists of 5 stages. At first it is necessary to make deep slow exhalation. Then gather full lungs of air and sharply exhale through mouth. Hold the breath, at the same time strongly having involved belly wall. Remain in this situation for 6-8 seconds, then relax and make quiet breath. At the correct performance you have to feel tension of muscles of stomach. If slight dizziness is felt, stop occupations and have a little a rest.

3. Begin mini-complex with the exercise which is perfectly training face muscles and removing folds around mouth and nose and also wrinkle at eyes. Get up, having slightly placed legs, foot in parallel each other. Then slightly sit down, leaning palms against knees. Having accepted initial pose, complete three stages of breath. Having completely exhaled air through diaphragm, start exercise. Widely open eyes and raise them up. Collect lips in circle, put out tongue to limit. Muscles around eyes and lips have to be strained. Be late in this situation for 6-8 seconds, then relax and inhale. At quiet speed repeat exercise of 3-5 times.

4. The second exercise is intended to strengthen muscles of chin and neck, to provide accurate face form and beautiful landing of the head. Exercise perfectly tightens flabby skin, and the system of deep breath supplies it with oxygen.

5. Same starting position, as in last exercise. Execute the three first point of respiratory complex. Having let out all air from lungs, pull in stomach and accept the main pose. Become straight, slightly take away straight arms back. Push the lower jaw forward, feeling strong tension in muscles of cheeks and necks. At the same time extend the lips put, as for kiss. Throw back the head back, looking in ceiling and be late in this situation for 6-8 seconds. Then relax and make breath. Repeat exercise of 3-5 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team