Body and face care after the holiday

Body and face care after the holiday

Being sent on leave, not all think that sometimes after bright sun, strong wind and sandy beaches it is necessary to put the skin in order. But if not to take care of it will be arrived on time to regret about the spent vacation. If having for some reason a rest it was not possible, properly for itself to flirt, then after the holiday for this purpose it is a high time.


1. One of the main problems after the holiday – the shelled skin. And it is not your fault. Often rather just changes of climate or mode. You could just leave from the city to the village on fresh air, and for your skin it is already big stress. You were not in the city under such fixed sunshine as outdoors in the country. First of all try to calm the skin, having made sour cream or yogurt face pack. It is good to do such procedure before going to bed. Take 200 milliliters of low-fat sour cream and add to not three drops of rose attar, mix and put on face for fifteen minutes.

2. Well will help to tighten skin tone after the holiday mineral washing and rubdown by ice cubes. Make these procedures more saturated and effective by means of essential oils and herbs. Buy camomile, sage and mint in drugstore, mix in equal proportions and make. Let's infuse one hour. Filter infusion, and pour in icetrays. It is possible to wipe with such cubes of ice skin not only in the morning, but also during the day. Already in couple of days you will see how skin was tightened and became more elastic and soft. Unsalted mineral water well will be suitable for washing. Pour half-glass of mineral water in cup and add drop of lemon oil and three ylang-ylang.

3. Uneven or excessive suntan can become one more problem after the holiday. In house conditions it is possible to make a little. It is possible to use lemon crusts and divorced peroxide of hydrogen for bleaching, but it is necessary to apply these means carefully, in advance having consulted with the cosmetologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team