Body care – how to make skin smooth

Body care – how to make skin smooth

With approach of heat, each beauty wants to look faultlessly and to draw to itself as much as possible attention of people around. The large role is played here by figure, clothes, make-up and hairstyle. But having attracted more fixedly, each person pays attention to condition of skin. Therefore each woman aims to have skin gentle, smooth and silky to the touch.

For achievement of excellent results it is possible to follow the following advice on ukhoa behind skin:

  • For a start it is necessary to purify well skin, having used for this purpose srub. Such means can be got in specialized shop or to prepare independently with ingredients that is at home (salt, sugar, ground coffee, porridge). On body skin the srub should be used more often than on face skin. Massage by means of brush with natural bristle is also useful.
  • It is worth paying attention to recovery of water balance and moistening of surface of skin. Therefore it is impossible to use usual gels and soaps, it is worth giving preference to the moistening means.
  • House wrappings will be very useful. For this purpose it is necessary to smear hips, shins, hands, buttocks and zone of decollete with the fat moisturizing cream or lotion and to wrap food wrap and terry towel, to sustain 30 minutes, then to wash away everything warm water.
  • For fight against problem of "goose-pimples" the quartz treatment, the peeling srubs, steaming will help with bath, intake of vitamins of group A and E.
  • Will be suitable for insignificant removal of cellulitis and its external manifestations anti-cellulite cream. Their regular application considerably will improve visual type of problem parts of the body. It is necessary to pound cream special the massager.
  • Many women are concerned by problem of the grown hairs. For its elimination it is necessary to process several times a day problem parts of the body ointment of 1% of solution of hydrocortisone. In couple of days of day it is necessary to grease them with the peeling cream. To continue the procedure within 5 days. During this time the hair will come to light. It is worth removing it by means of tweezers.
  • The true smoothness to skin will be given by epilation. There is number of traditional methods of removal of undesirable hair: special cream, wax, razors. It is necessary to approach individually and carefully the choice of means for epilation. It is better not to do the procedure before exit to the sun as the injured skin is more subject to appearance of burns and irritations.

Following these care methods it is possible to receive quickly desirable results, it is essential to improve condition of integuments and the general appearance.  Your skin will be smooth, silky and attractive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team