Body scrubs in house conditions

Body scrubs in house conditions

Any woman who crosses majority threshold begins to think of how to her to keep the youth, ruddy and equal complexion, body ideal and soft to the touch. We can visit expensive beauty shops and not think over what can be applied to return to skin elasticity and smoothness. But there is also other way to keep youth of skin is to prepare srub at home from which the effect will not be worse, than in beauty shop.

You should not explain that exactly thanks to impact of firm granules on skin of body it is possible to achieve improvement of its state. It is connected with the fact that components of srubs softly influence the died-off particles of skin and delete them that cannot be made during simple washing off of dirt. The peeling perfectly copes with dead cages and gives the chance to skin better to breathe, also it influences inflow of blood to places of scrubbing. The most important condition of any cleaning is its constancy.

To purify the skin, there is no need to get expensive means which can not yield positive result. It is the best of all to prepare srub in house conditions independently. In this case, the person will precisely know structure of means and not to be afraid of chemistry and allergy.

The most popular srub the srub from sea salt with addition of essential oils or honey is at the moment recognized. The first ingredient will be peeling basis, and the second will give the chance to apply it on body and will humidify. Proportions can be equal since it not essentially. Important only that after the procedure lotion or body cream which will saturate pure leather have been applied.

One more srub has gained the recognition for improbable aroma – srub from crusts of tangerine or orange. It helps not only to improve condition of skin, but also lightens the mood at the expense of natural essential oils. For preparation of srub it is required to dry up crusts, to crush them in flour and to use, parting with a few water.

Among other things, the srub from coffee is applied for a long time. It does not mean that it is necessary to transfer favourite drink to the body. Coffee needs to be used only scalded, and to put in jar for srub after it is already drunk, i.e. thick. It can be diluted with water and to use for skin clarification. This type of srub the most effective since coffee perfectly helps with such questions. Using one of these srubs, it will be possible to receive excellent result for low cost.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team