Breast care during pregnancy and feeding

Breast care during pregnancy and feeding

Breastfeeding is completed – what's next? Care of breast. Prevention of extensions. The sport is always relevant. After all plastics? Breast – the most attractive part of female body. The breast remains elastic during breastfeeding. And women hope that after the end of feeding the breast will be same what was before pregnancy and childbirth. In most cases disappointments not to avoid: the breast has lost elasticity, became flabby, its size has decreased.

Restoration of shape of breast depends on when and how the child has been separated from breast. Ferruterous channels become less, they are gradually substituted by fatty tissue. When feeding stops very much early or too sharply, process will not be able naturally to take place, and as a result the breast gets out of shape. Therefore the form and the size of breast directly depend on feeding duration breast and gradualness of its termination.

In certain cases the lactation stops for the reasons which are not depending on the woman, and according to its termination is not useful to breast.

In recent months pregnancy and during feeding to women needs to wear constantly bra that promotes prevention of extension of fabrics and also maintenance of the weakened pectoral muscles.

When choosing bra it is necessary to give preference to the models made of natural fabrics without stones, with wide straps. If to wear the bra which is correctly picked up for the size, then it will help to bring breast into form when feeding is complete as soon as possible. Extensions begin to upset many women already at the beginning of pregnancy therefore during this period it is necessary to use preventive cosmetics which prevent emergence of extensions. Use of cosmetics, massage and contrast shower will help to achieve good results in fight against extensions. If in nine months after the delivery these means have not given visible effect, then laser grinding can help. Special attention to maintenance of breast in shape needs to be paid even before pregnancy and feeding. To bring muscles into tone it is necessary to carry out exercises which will be useful also before pregnancy and when breastfeeding is already completed. For maintenance of breast in excellent form it is possible to carry out the following exercises: 1) to be wrung out from floor, placing hands as it is possible more widely; 2) to connect hands in "lock" and to try to uncouple them, making considerable efforts; 3) to connect palms and to pressure one another. All given councils, certainly, positively influence breast. However they can be less effective at the big size of breast. If the woman is upset by the changes which have happened to her breast, then it is worth thinking of plastics. The plastic surgery at the present stage of development has many options of correction of shape of breast which will help to restore its elasticity in the arsenal. But if in plans there is birth of one more kid, then this option will not approach.

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