Bride's make-up: main mistakes

Bride's make-up: main mistakes

Wedding, perhaps, the most important event in life. It has to become unforgettable, and therefore in meykapa of the bride will not tolerate uniform miss. And therefore future newly married should learn as the make-up should not be done.

Too ruddy

Blush - the most artful means from the bride's make-up bag. So statistics speaks. If to go too far in artificial shade, to it it can be added natural because of surplus of emotions or the drunk champagne. There can be impression that the bride is unhealthy, she has temperature. It is necessary to touch cheekbones only slightly gentle-pink or coral color blush.

The ""Escaping"" means

This day, especially for the bride, is filled set of emotional events. And even ""iron ladies"" this day can shed a few tears, and therefore ink and eyeliner are simply obliged to be waterproof. Well the bride should not be depicted on photo with streamlets of ink or traces of wet eyelashes under eyes. 


Mixture of several flowers - here what should be avoided in wedding make-up of the bride. The wedding day has to become forbidden for the pigmented and brilliant means for century. At the most inappropriate moment they have property to be showered and glare.

Bright lips

Red lipstick on the wedding day - taboo for the bride. First, many resistant lipsticks can paint teeth, and then their bleaching at the stomatologist will come to nothing, and on wedding photo it is necessary to shine with spots on enamel. Secondly, the bride this day will give away the kisses to all guests as a sign of greeting, and also to the husband under shouts ""bitterly!"". 

Excessive autosuntan

The aspiration of the bride to show to advantage against the background of snow-white dress is clear, having made skin though is one tone more dark. If on acquisition of natural suntan there is no time left, then it is necessary to use nonaggressive soft means, such as lotions of instant suntan. If to abuse avtobronzator, then under beams of the sun skin on the wedding day can gain orange color.

Excess of gloss

In make-up of the bride it is tabooed lotions with reflective particles and the sparkling powder. Otherwise on one and all wedding photos the bride will look as the sparkling bulb. The basis under meykap should be chosen exclusively opaque, and translucent powder from above is applied. During holiday it is worth to remember to correct make-up by means of the matting napkins and powder.

Effect of mask

The tone of the person should not differ from shade of neck and ears and if dress open, then from breast, shoulders and back. Cosmetic processing has to concern also these parts of body. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team