Burdock oil: as it to cure hair

Burdock oil: as it to cure hair

When hair become lifeless and fragile, burdock oil which renders positive effect on structure of hair is capable to save them. If regularly to carry out procedures with its use, then your curls will find healthy appearance and dazzling gloss.


  1. Buy burdock oil in drugstore. It is on sale as in pure form, and with addition of various vitamins and substances which strengthen its action. Choose any which is pleasant to you more. Smell at oil specific, but unpleasant it is impossible to call it. If you want not only to carry out the restoring procedures for hair, but also to enjoy aroma, then buy any essential oil which attracts you with the aroma.
  2. Warm up oil on water bath or in the container with warm water, but do not overdo, otherwise you will burn. About temperature has to be about 40 degrees. Cold burdock oil gets into structure of hair worse, so and the efficiency from the procedure will be slightly less. Add favourite essential oil, it will give unique aroma to your hair.
  3. Well comb hair. If you suffer from loss of curls, then apply oil only on roots. When it is necessary to revitalize completely hair and skin, evenly apply oil on all length. Select optimum time of holding procedure individually if you can wait 2 hours - it is fine, and if not, then not less than 40 minutes of patience are necessary.
  4. On the expiration of time wash out the head under flowing water with any soft shampoo. Burdock oil is rather badly washed away therefore you should soap hair on several times. Try not to use strongly hot water, it damages structure of hair. In completion of the procedure rinse curls with broth of herbs (camomile or nettle).
  5. Use burdock oil 2 times a week. If you have desire, then can carry out the restoring procedure 3 times in 7 days. Everything depends on your desires and, of course, opportunities. Gradually your hair will gain gloss, will become elastic and elastic. But it will be not earlier than in 1 month of use of burdock oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team