Calendula — find for daily skin care

Calendula — find for daily skin care

Every summer practically in all kitchen gardens it is possible to see bright and positive shades of calendula. Thanks to the improbable color bringing only positive emotions in the people they are called ""the small suns"". As has generated legend of the sun, dropped gold coin which, having touched with the earth, and became flower calendula. Except esthetic pleasure the calendula pleases us also useful properties which are successfully applied in medicine and in fight for beauty.

""The small sun"" since the beginning of flying to late fall blossoms. And it means that the whole 4 months it is possible to use fresh-gathered plant from which it is possible to receive big advantage for appearance of organism. Here several simple recommendations for regular application:

Step-by-step face care

Clarification. 10-15 flowers of plant are filled in with 2 glasses of milk and are led up before boiling. The turned-out lotion is cooled and filtered. Antiseptic properties allow not only to clean effectively face, also are good prevention from emergence of irritation and acne rash.

Toning. Clarification leads to violation of natural acidity of skin, toning helps to restore it. 3 ingredients undertake: calendula flowers, green tea and officinal camomile (on 1 tablespoon). Mix from herbs is filled in with 200 ml. waters it is also boiled within 5-7 minutes. As a result excellent tonic, quickly turns out and effectively calming the angry skin.

Mask. To make the calming and nutritious mask, for a start it is necessary to prepare infusion. The big spoon of flowers of calendula is filled in with 100 ml. boiled water also infuses within 30 minutes. Starch, before obtaining jellylike weight is added to the turned-out infusion. Musk should hold 15-20 minutes.

Cream. To prepare cream, it is necessary small, to crush oat flakes and dry flowers of calendula to condition of powder. The received mix is worn out in boiled water, so that not dense creamy weight has turned out. All ingredients undertake on 1 tablespoon.

The calendula is the real find for those whose skin is inclined to fat content, so any rashes on face. All thanks to carotinoids which promote formation of vitamin A, the powerful assistant at fight against inflammatory processes. And still regular use of calendula in body care promotes emergence of more saturated and deep shade of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team