Calendula tincture as means for treatment of pimples

Calendula tincture as means for treatment of pimples

The calendula is rather often applied both in medicine, and in cosmetology. Tincture of this plant – the simplest and effective means for treatment of pimples in house conditions.

Tincture of calendula can be bought in drugstore or to make independently. For this purpose it is required: glass capacity, 0.5 l of any 40% alcohol and 2 tablespoons of the pounded calendula flowers. Flowers of plant fill in with alcohol and put for week to the dark place. From time to time capacity should be stirred up. After necessary time, tincture is filtered and used as necessary.

There is one more option of production of home-made tincture of calendula. 25 g of small cut flowers of calendula fill in 50 ml of 40% of alcohol, add glass of water and 70 ml of triple cologne. To insist the same as in the previous recipe. After the put time add 5 ml of glycerin to the filtered tincture and as much 5% of boric acid. Any option of tincture is suitable not only for treatment of eels, but also for smoothing of the scars and hems which have remained after pimples. For this purpose problem sites just several times a day grease with the received tincture.

It is not necessary to grease with tincture all face as alcohol dries skin. It is better to process problem sites pointwise, using for this purpose Q-tip.

If there is a lot of pimples and it is impossible to process pointwise them, it is possible to prepare special lotion with which it is possible to wipe all face. For it it is required: glass of purified water, 10 ml of liquid natural honey, 10 ml of tincture of calendula. To connect all components and to mix carefully. To use means at least twice a day.

One more very effective remedy from pimples who in the people is called the talker. Take 4 tablets of levomitsetin, crush them and add 50 ml of tincture of calendula, 5 g of medical sulfur, 50 ml of salicyl alcohol, 30 ml of boric alcohol. It is necessary to grease with the received means problem sites not less than 2 times a day.

If after use of tincture of calendula on skin reddenings or peeling have appeared try to reduce frequency rate of use of means and completely pass to alcohol-free form of medicine.

The mask with calendula tincture gives very good effect. Take 25 g of flour and as much calendula tincture, mix them and add a little water that mix similar on density on home-made sour cream has turned out. The mask is put for 10 minutes then wash away cool water. Mix disinfects problem sites, calms skin, removes irritation that allows pimples to heal much quicker. With tincture of the calendula bought in drugstore add couple of drops of tea tree oil to small bottle. Stir up capacity several times that components have well mixed up. By means of Q-tip accurately apply mix on problem places, trying not to get on healthy skin not to overdry it. For radical fight against problem skin take head of onions, minutes 10 take it over steam. Mix the emitted juice from 15 ml of tincture of calendula or 2 tablespoons of small cut plant flowers. Accurately dip Q-tip into mix and wipe the inflamed places. It is possible to carry out the similar procedure no more than 3 times a day.

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