Callosities and outgrowths: why are formed and as to fight with them

Callosities and outgrowths: why are formed and as to fight with them

These painful formations literally deprive of us opportunity to move. They result from friction about footwear or irritations at contact of adjacent bones. Experts regard callosities as attempt of organism to protect the surface of leg from excessive pressure.

How the callosity or outgrowth is formed?

In that place where there is friction, the small group of dense keratosic dead cages is formed. Over time the callosity expands. If there was rigid middle - it is already outgrowth. Between fingers, as a rule, callosities are soft because they are constantly moistened then. In this case there is friction between bones of two next fingers. Skin grows coarse and bursts. Painful cracks aggravate pains when walking.

How to fight against callosities and outgrowths?

The main request — please, do not pose as the surgeon. Do not think that you will independently easily cut off callosity any sharp tools. Accession of infection can be consequence of the wrong actions. Especially it is worth being careful of it sick diabetes.

  •     If you use corn plaster or small pillows with salicylates, it is necessary to follow the rule: to put them precisely to corn fabric, but not to skin around. Make round opening for callosity in small laying and you apply ointments or plaster, without injuring surrounding skin. It is recommended to perform such treatment not more often than two times a week. Some dermatologists in general recommend to avoid such way as see afterwards burns and skin ulcers.
  •     For pain relief it is possible to make salt leg bath. It will facilitate the outgrowth pressure upon nearby nerve.
  •     To soften the hardened callosity fabric, it is possible to use camomile bathtubs.
  •     Steam out legs in hot water, then rub pumice for removal of the upper layer of the skin. Apply any foot cream. Act daily after shower this way.
  •     Make night "mask" for callosity: pound 5 tablets of aspirin, add a little water and tablespoon of juice of lemon. Apply this paste on callosity, turn plastic package and warm towel. Process this place pumice in the morning.
  •     Do not start process of growth of callosity. The best impact is made in initial stage.
  •     You do not wear close shoes, it has to correspond to your size on length, width and height. Stretch shoes. You carry heel, average on height. Use if necessary laying between fingers or instep supports.

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