Can massage of stomach for weight loss

Can massage of stomach for weight loss

To dump kilograms from problem sites even by means of sport happens quite difficult. It is possible to cope with fat on stomach by means of can massage. The effect of vacuum helps to reduce volume, improves condition of skin, stimulates blood circulation.

What will be required for effective massage of stomach

To remove excess centimeters from stomach, it is worth choosing quality oil or fat cream. It will improve sliding banks on skin, will make influence careful. Means it will be required much therefore on course from 10-15 procedures about 300 ml of oil or 3 tubes of cream on 50 ml are necessary.

It is possible to enhance effect anti-cellulite cream with the warming effect. But it is put after the procedure, and then do wrapping of food wrap. It is necessary to hold it 60-90 minutes. Thanks to it the strong heat is felt, a lot of sweat is emitted. 

Vacuum massage is done by means of special silicone jar. It is possible to buy it in any drugstore. It has soft texture, easily contracts. It is easy to wash material.

How to do massage of stomach for weight loss

In the beginning oil or cream is applied on problem area. The stomach warms up hands. It is important to try promyat hypodermic cellulose, but it is not necessary to reach muscles. Traffics have to be heavy that skin became a little pink.

Then gets bank and it is put on leather. It is necessary to compress it a little before attachment. Then it as if will soak up in itself part of skin. Inside the hillock from body has to be no more than 1.5 cm. If to involve more, it will be sick and there will be bruises.

The jar is moved on skin circular motions or linear. It is not necessary to try to mass all stomach at once. Gradually different sites are processed. At first one piece 7-10 cm long, driving bank there and back, then other site.

Under navel of the movement have to be directed up, to breast. Above navel — down, to pubis. Duration of massage of each area — 5-10 minutes. The general time of massage of stomach for weight loss — 20 minutes.

How to control correctness of massage of stomach

It is difficult to call the procedure pleasant. Painful, but tolerant influence. If feelings very intensive, it is necessary to unhook jar and to try again. Perhaps, too much skin is taken. 

After massage of stomach there should not be bruises on body. Of course, single hematomas can arise at the beginning when there is no skill yet, but if there is a lot of bruises, it is worth refusing the procedure or to address the expert.

After performing can massage of stomach the structure of subcutaneous fat has to exchange. It as if becomes structured, komkoobrazny. Visually it is not visible, it is noticeable only to the touch. It says about process of destruction of fat weight. Such feelings last 30-40 minutes, then everything returns to normal.

Effect of can massage

The course of procedures lasts 15-30 days. At regular procedures in month 3-4 cm of volumes of body leave. At the same time skin becomes more elastic, its tone raises. In hypodermic the movement of blood and lymph is activated that helps to remove extensions, to remove pigmentation.

After massage the volumes of body are not restored during 1 year. Further it is important to watch food, to play sports or to repeatedly take course of can massage of stomach for weight loss.

To achieve as much as possible result on weight reduction, it is better to use complex of procedures. For example, at a time to limit food, to organize physical trainings and to lead active lifestyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team