Care for oily skin of the house

Care for oily skin of the house

Care for oily skin of the house are means simple and available to all which will help to get rid of greasy luster and hated heat-spots and also will make skin more beautiful and healthy especially as it is time summer holidays soon.

 Are basic reasons of oily skin:

  • puberty;
  • disease of endocrine glands;
  • violations in work of nervous system;
  • some diseases of stomach or intestines;
  • abuse of spicy, spicy, greasy and fried food.

Oily skin care has to be comprehensive – that is not only outside, but also from within. Enrich diet with cellulose, use fermented milk products, normalize digestion and some problems with skin will leave. But at the same time do not forget that it is necessary to help skin – to do baths, masks, lotions and so on.

Of course, it is possible to go to shop or drugstore and to buy oily skin care products there, however folk remedies are not less effective and thus they are many times cheaper.

Plain oily skin care productsAny face treatment will be much more effective if before its application to make steam bath. For disposal of pimples and black dots you can try such mask – shake up teaspoon of lemon juice with one protein and you put on face in several stages at an interval of five-seven minutes or in process of drying of the previous layer. Musk needs to wash away carefully in 20-25 minutes cool water. Such mask narrows pores, promotes removal of heat-spots and eels and also has the light bleaching effect, thanks to lemon juice.

If you suffer from lack of time, then can prepare ice cubes from broth of herbs. So, for example, take half of glass of petals of roses and as much dogrose berries. Fill in with glass of boiled water and leave for hour. Then you can add tablespoon of lemon juice to the received infusion. This means can be applied as lotion or to freeze and to wipe with cubes of ice face.

For oily skin care it is possible to prepare special soap. It differs from usual in the fact that in it alkali content is lower. For its preparation you need 100 g of children's soap (give preference to the soap containing camomile or thyme), which will need to be nastrugat and filled in with half of liter of boiled water. Wait before full dissolution of soap and put the vessel on fire then add couple of teaspoons of boric acid. After removal from fire add teaspoon of 3% peroxide of hydrogen to soap.

And the most important council – behind oily skin is necessary comprehensive care therefore do not scorn professional advice and do not forget that all in your hands!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team