Care for oily skin of the person

Care for oily skin of the person

Many women have fat type of skin. As a rule, it is the most difficult type from all. Constant greasy luster and unpleasant feeling. Many do not know how it is correct to look after the skin therefore face set of various problems. Generally on oily skin pimples and different reddenings develop more often. To avoid it, it is necessary to remember several basic rules.

The problem of many girls is that they do not even suspect what type of skin at them or think mistakenly. Therefore those who consider that they at them low-fat, and dry skin, begin to buy cream or mask for dry skin, and they, in turn, very dense and fat and it will only add oil to fire. Skin will only be fatter and pimples on it will be even more. Therefore for a start it is necessary to be defined correctly what skin type at you. For this purpose it is possible to descend to the doctor or the cosmetologist, and it will tell everything to you. Or to buy special tests which will also help you to find out what skin type at you in drugstore.

After that it is necessary to think how to solve problem with oily skin. For a start it is necessary to buy skins or means for removal of make-up for fat face type. They will dry skin a little that on result will make it less fat.

Important every time as you have come home from the street to go to the bathroom and to remove make-up and to wash. If after that you need to go again somewhere, then make up better again. It is the best of all to buy various lotions and skins for washing. Also tar soap perfectly helps with problem of oily skin and copes with pimples.

Face packs need to be bought also for fat type of skin and to do their at least two once a week. Plus to everything it has to be not the same mask, and several different. It is necessary to use them in different days at an interval of day. It is important to wash away mask well. It is the before going to bed best of all to use the moisturizing cream. The main thing to do it it is regular.

It is necessary to watch the hands and not to touch the person on hundred times a day. Best of all, as often as possible to wash hands, but even if they very clean, try not to touch the person all the same.

Using all these councils, it is possible to notice that even with fat face type it is possible to look good and practically not to worry about it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team