Care for oily skin of the person in house conditions

Care for oily skin of the person in house conditions

Oily skin is the not just unhealthy gloss on face spoiling appearance, but also a number of skin problems (acne, pimples, inflammations). Therefore the correct care for such type is simply necessary.

For the skin inclined to fat content, the following signs are characteristic: grease gloss in the field of T-zone (forehead, nasolabial folds and chin), tendency to inflammations and pimples, enlarged pores and comedones. At sunlight skin shines, decorative cosmetics on it badly keeps and quickly rolls down.

Reasons of oily skin

  • hereditary factor;
  • hormonal failures;
  • diseases of endocrine system;
  • failures in work of GIT, the slowed-down metabolism;
  • the frequent use of the products containing fast carbohydrates;
  • regular use of ukhodovy means with alcohol content;
  • excessive hobby for peelings, scrubbing;
  • the raised testosterone in organism at women;
  • the addictions which are negatively influencing condition of skin: alcohol, smoking.

Recipes of house masks for oily skin

The masks prepared in house conditions at the same time perform two functions: moisturize the skin and eliminate face skin depigmentation.

  • Cucumber mask. Cucumber juice contains the mass of useful substances: A, C, P, E vitamins, tartronic acid, microelements (silicon, iron, magnesium, iodine). Thanks to the properties it maintains acid-base balance of skin and reduces activity of sebaceous glands. To clean fresh cucumber, to wipe pulp on grater or to crush in the blender, to add white of one egg, to mix. Mix is applied to previously cleaned face skin for 10 minutes. It is better to carry out the procedure lying as the mask has liquid consistence and can begin to flow.
  • Cosmetic clay. For fat face type it is better to choose yellow or green clay – it perfectly matts and dries skin, leveling color and saturating with vitamins. To fill in with hot water 2 of h spoon of cosmetic clay, to stir to consistence of sour cream. To put on face and zone of decollete for 15 minutes. Then to wash away warm water.
  • Broth from pharmaceutical calendula perfectly is suitable for oily skin: it eliminates inflammations, cleans and narrows pores. To fill in dry calendula (1 tablespoon) with half of glass of hot water. To cool and use as tonic. It is possible to add at preparation of masks instead of water.
  • Barmy masks. Yeast renders the drying effect that very much is suitable for oily skin. It is necessary to part 15 g of dry yeast from 3 h with spoons of hot water. To condemn and add fresh juice of lemon or berry with the increased content of vitamin of C, for example, cowberry or cranberry. To put on face for 10-15 minutes. To wash away warm water.
  • John's wort and peppermint. These herbs perfectly tone up oily skin and pull together wide time. To make dry pharmaceutical St. John's wort (1 tablespoon) and peppermint (1 tablespoon) abrupt boiled water. To cool, put on face for 20 minutes. To wash away cool water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team