Care for problem skin of the person

Care for problem skin of the person

Problem skin of the person is characterized by the raised office of fat and enlarged pores. Because of it it quickly becomes soiled, I arise inflammations and rashes. For prevention of such outcome it is necessary to look after problem skin regularly.

Care for problem skin of the person provides regular clarification from dirt and surplus of skin fat by means of lotions and masks and also elimination of consequences of skin inflammation. For this purpose it is possible to get as ready cosmetics, and to make them independently. There are a lot of checked recipes of self-made cosmetics for problem skin care. General rule of use of any means: not to wash away hot water not to activate office of fat and reproduction of bacteria is even stronger.

Grass problem skin lotion: 2 tablespoons of needles, 3 tablespoons of plantain, 1 tablespoon of flowers of camomile and calendula. Fill in with bottle of vodka and to date to stand for about week. You store in capacity from dark glass. Mint tonic: tablespoon of mint to fill in 250 ml of boiled water, to leave for 20 min. Filter, pour on tablespoon of boric alcohol, lemon juice and tincture of calendula. Grapefruit: mix juice of half of grapefruit from tablespoon of juice of lemon and vodka. Let's stand 2 days. Acetic lotion: on 10 g of vinegar and water, on 5 drops of oil of geranium and tea tree. Let's infuse 2 weeks.

Problem skin meets not only at young age. Acne rash is recognized by doctors chronic disease which can become aggravated during certain periods.

Lotion from wormwood: wormwood tablespoon on cup of boiled water. In half an hour filter and fill salt tsp, pour in vinegar tablespoon. Tonic with green tea: strong make green tea and add lemon juice. For healing of skin inflammations wipe face with pure juice of aloe. It is also possible to prepare lotion from laurels. To fill in 100 g of leaves with glass of boiled water, to boil and allow to cool down. It is possible to wipe with such lotion the inflamed skin set of times a day. If to make such on the basis of vodka, the effect will not be worse, but it is possible to use it all few times in week. Masks for problem skin have to have the pulling together or cleaning effect and also to promote healing. As mask it is possible to use fermented milk products, they interfere with reproduction of bacteria thanks to creation of acidic environment. With the same purpose use water with addition of vinegar for washing. Oat mask: tablespoon of soda, cup of oat flakes. Crush flakes in the blender. For 1 time there will be enough tablespoon of such mix which is a little parted with water. In 10 min. delete with damp cotton pad. The yolk mask renders the pulling together effect: to shake up yolk and to mix from wine tablespoon.

More radical means in fight for health of skin - chemical peeling. This procedure is carried out in beauty shops. There is enough effect for several weeks thanks to activity of chemicals.

Mask for narrowing of time: tincture of calendula and tablespoon of talc. To wash away in 15 min. Mask from inflammation: gruel from leaves of dandelion and protein of egg. To wash away in 15 min. Mask from pimples: gruel from leaves of cilantro and mint with teaspoon of zinc powder. To dilute a little with water and to apply on problem sites for 15 min. The matting mask from mint: 1 tablespoons of dry mint on half glass of boiled water. Let's infuse half of hour, add some oatmeal to density. Put on face for 15 min. It is independently possible to make also srub for problem skin. However it is worth remembering that do not use srubs more often than once a week. From porridge: Crush 3 tablespoons of flakes, pour milk and half of tablespoon of honey. Intensively massage face with this weight within 10 min., wash away. Cottage cheese: process 1 tsp of rice, mix from 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese and add a little olive oil for mitigation. Warm up mix a little and put with the massing movements. Coffee: moderately dry coffee thick is necessary, add several drops of cedar oil to it. Massage face skin with this weight of 5-10 min.

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