Care for skin of hands in house conditions

Care for skin of hands in house conditions

The condition of skin of hands is evident at once therefore it is important to each woman to look after correctly her, keeping beauty, youth and elasticity. Daily leaving will not demand large number of time or money, but hands will look just perfectly.

Care for skin of hands: basic rules

First of all, it is necessary to protect hands from environmental impact: wind and cold strongly dry up skin therefore try not to go outside without gloves. In summer time the ultraviolet is not less harmful - do not forget to apply sunblock cream before exit to hands.

Frequent washing of hands has destructive influence on skin: soap, hot water, disinfectants wash away protective layer.

Try to avoid contact with laundry detergents and detergents - during cleaning and washing of ware use protective gloves.

Indulge the hands creams more often. After each washing you apply hand cream, it is desirable to elbow. Only keep in mind that cream has to be absorbed well to exit to the street therefore it is necessary to put it not earlier than in 30 minutes.

House skin care products

In house conditions it is possible to use large number of masks for recovery of the coarsened and dry skin of hands. For this purpose it is possible to use practically any make-shifts.

Vegetable oil will well moisturize the skin: slightly warm up it on water bath and take in it hands within 15-20 minutes. Of course, temperature of oil has to be quite tolerant and not burning skin at all.

Oils of avocado and cocoa perfectly cope with dryness of skin: impregnate with them napkins and apply on hands for 30-40 minutes.

Bath from warm water and tablespoon of olive oil - excellent means if hands strongly were weather-beaten. Take in such solution the handles 15-20 minutes, and then blot them with dry napkins.

Even hand cream can be prepared independently. For this purpose it is necessary to take pork and mutton fat in identical proportions, to kindle on water bath and to shift in glass jar. It is necessary to store this cream only in the fridge. You apply wonderful cream for the night and you will precisely forget about problems with hands.

Sometimes it is possible to peel skin: take olive oil and table salt in identical proportions, mix and apply to skin. Carefully massage, and then wash away. After that it is good to use nutritious cream. In winter time it is recommended to use this way of leaving not more often than 2 times a month.

The old and checked way of moistening of skin in house conditions - paraffin mask. Kindle 40-50 g of paraffin in dry ware, cool up to the acceptable temperature and apply on hands by means of brush. As soon as paraffin hardens it is possible to unmask and apply the moisturizing cream. Such procedure can be repeated every day before improvement of condition of skin.

It is possible to face problem of dryness of skin because of the beginning of heating season in the winter therefore at home try to support the necessary level of humidity. It is possible to use special humidifier or usual bottle with spray, periodically spraying clear water in rooms.

Healthy nutrition and sports activities influence condition of skin not less. Drink vitamins. For example, the rate of vitamins E and A. Priderzhivayas of these simple rules will positively affect, you not only will get rid of problems with skin, but also keep youth of hands for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team